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Enterprise Agile Coach Certification Training

ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT Certification

Are you ready to take your enterprise coach skills to the next level? Wanting to help make your organisation more purposeful, adaptive and value-driven? Ready to learn how to make change really stick? Yes? Then join the original double ICAgile Certified Enterprise Change Bootcamp – ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT training course with AWA!

Through this interactive slide free 5 day bootcamp, you will explore organisational development, leadership coaching, large-scale facilitation, structural and process design, organisational change process, human change process, and organisational design as well as toolkit of practical tools and techniques that can be used right away.

Whether you’re seeking to help individuals, teams, or whole organisations achieve their goals through enterprise-wide change or agility, this transformative enterprise agile coach certification training is for you.

AWA are the only provider globally to offer this advanced enterprise coach training course in-person! Hear from our previous students who have attended the AWA Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp courses
Learning outcomes

What you will gain

With an emphasis “Learn by Doing” including practical tools and techniques, you’ll gain the knowledge necessary to make a real impact in your organisation. Join our next public Enterprise Change bootcamp or schedule a private session for your business and learn how to:

  • Engage and help managers, leaders, and other areas outside of delivery teams, including coaching and advising skills to improve leadership relationships and effectiveness.
  • Use advanced skills, tools, and techniques to coach large groups to co-create organisational change.
  • Design systems that support high performance, customer focus, and agility.
  • Examine how different structures, processes, and leadership qualities affect psychological safety, as well as our current levels of emotional intelligence and our ability to create and maintain safe spaces.
  • Explore the limits of your own identity, decision-making, and meaning-making capabilities.
  • Acquire skills, tools, and techniques to overcome dysfunctions like handoffs and waste resulting in value-driven flow.
  • Demonstrate Lean concepts to optimise an organisation for adaptability, flow of value and feedback.
  • Use the Enterprise Change Pattern to create impactful change underpinned by a people-first experiments-based approach
The agenda

What you will learn

  • Turning problems into outcomes
  • The Enterprise Change Pattern
  • Structure and process changes
  • Culture and experiments
  • Systems and complexity
  • Coaching range incl. professional coaching and systems coaching
  • Large group facilitation
  • Leadership development incl. 360s and Action Logics
  • Whole organisational agility across Finance, Marketing, HR and Sales etc
  • Principles and patterns for organisation design
  • Lean and agility – value stream mapping
  • Measuring, OKRs, KPIs, and Metrics
  • Technical craft
  • Coaching as a strategy for managers
  • Education and learning as part of culture
  • Self as Leader. Becoming equal.
  • Ethics and knowing your own limits
  • Creating a case for change
  • The changing dynamics of human beings
  • The emotional maturity that exists in organisations to make agility work
  • The current state of teams, backlogs, and how work is split
  • Agile grounding – the mindset shift needed to make agility work
  • Exploring the edge model
  • Marketing success
  • Building a strategy based on context
the string game is taught in the icp-cat and icp-ent course
students on the icp-cat and icp-ent course
learners on the enterprise agile coach bootcamp

Booking your place

Dates Fees Trainer Location Registration
10 – 14 June at 09:00 – 17:00 CET From 36500 NOK John Inge Hervik Oslo in Norwegian BOOK NOW
9 – 13 September at 9:00 – 17:30 BST From £2600 +VAT Simon Powers London in English BOOK NOW
16 – 20 September at 12:00 – 17:00 BST From DKK 25,000 + VAT (standard rate: DKK 28,500 +VAT) John Inge Hervik Copenhagen in English BOOK NOW
25 – 29 November at 09:00 – 17:30 CET 36,500 NOK John Inge Hervik Oslo in Norwegian BOOK NOW

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industry recognised enterprise agile coach certification training

Get ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT certified in Enterprise Coaching

icp-ent icp-cat certification badges enterprise agile coach bootcamp

This intensive training program combines the ICAgile Certified Enterprise Coaching – ICP-ENT – and Coaching Agile Transitions – ICP-CAT – to equip you with the advanced understanding and skill set needed to coach at the enterprise level within an organisational change context.

You’ll come away knowing how to create an organisational change strategy for rapidly transforming an organisation to achieve its goals using a People-First, Experiments Based approach that fits with any context and organisation.

Be recognised for your expertise with ICP-CAT & ICP-ENT

Upon successful completion of this course and practical assessment you will receive two ICAgile Enterprise Agile Coach Certifications, Enterprise Coaching – ICP-ENT – and Coaching Agile Transitions – ICP-CAT, a key step in developing your enterprise agile coaching mastery before embarking on the Enterprise Agile Coach Expert Program (ICE-EC)

Create change using a people first, experiments based approach

By the end of the Bootcamp, you will know how to create an organisational change strategy using the AWA Enterprise Change Pattern, a non-prescriptive coaching approach for rapidly transforming an organisation to achieve its goals. The strategy is different from a framework because it is completely flexible and can fit with any context and organisation.

Who should attend

This course is for managers, coaches and leaders wanting to enable lasting change including: Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Leaders, Heads of, Consultants, HR leaders.

  • Free Membership to the supportive AWA Global community for Enterprise Coaches
  • Delicious breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the class (in-person only)
  • Printed and bound manual

Meet Your Trainers

All of our trainers are experienced Agile Coaches and Leaders who actively practise what they teach inside real world organisations. As well as being highly qualified, they are fun, approachable and passionate about helping you learn!


Simon Powers

AWA CEO and Founder ICE-EC

Simon Powers leads AWA Global (Adventures with Agile), a consultancy and training provider focused on people-first change and value delivery. With three decades of experience in change, delivery, and business agility, Simon and AWA have partnered with major corporate clients in banking, oil and gas, energy, media and retail. This extensive background gives him unique insights into the challenges and solutions for large organisations.

Simon’s approach is hands-on and practical. He’s tackled a wide range of problems faced by big companies, acting as a seasoned guide who knows the terrain. Simon has helped leaders improve their organisations, achieve goals, and create productive work environments.

He’s not just a coach but a world-class systems coach, leadership coach, mentor and advisor. Simon has designed certified training programs that have successfully upskilled leaders, managers, staff, and change agents in organisational change. His contributions to setting industry standards through ICAgile and Disciplined Agile are widely recognised. In 2022, Simon published Change. A Practitioner’s Guide to Enterprise Agile Coaching. a resource filled with insights for those serious about organisational change. His articles and videos continue to shape thinking on agile and organisational change.

John Inge Hervik

Head of AWA Norge Training | ICF-PCC

With more than 15 years experience John Inge has a technical background from software development. His approach to agility is value-based, and focuses on contributing to improvements in the organisations he works for. This approach emphasises increased trust, good communication, continuous learning and a defined agile mindset. The result is better anchored organisational and process changes where value creation is at the centre.

Kim Greenwood


Drawing on over 20+ years of experience empowering teams and individuals to achieve sustainable high performance, Kim’s personalised approach has facilitated successful outcomes for large scale, FTSE 100 corporations across industries including Telecoms and Media, Oil and Gas, Investment Banking, Real Estate and FMCG. From within organisations, Kim has skillfully grown global portfolios, redesigned target operating models, failure recovery and governance, while raising information fidelity, engagement and eNPS. Since 2018 she has coached C-suite teams in leadership incubators, communication intelligence, negotiation practices and on how to create fearless organisations.

antoinette coetzee

Antoinette Coetzee


Antoinette is a Team, Leadership and Enterprise Agile coach, who focuses on growing inner agility in leaders at all levels of the organisation. Her forte is growing agility in EVERYONE, and putting her own experience in practice by showing others how to do bring about greater agility in their organisations themselves. She is a coach of coaches and teaches and develops transformation, coaching and facilitation skills at both the Team and Enterprise level.

georg fasching

Georg Fasching


With over the 20 years experience, Georg improves the flow and happiness for people, and products, through coaching and training. Georg is a mentor and servant to the community, proof of his vicarious quest to help others achieve their goals. His dedication to continual learning has made him extremely effective as an Agile Coach in accomplishing huge wins for his clients, which include major finance and tech corporations.

Don’t take just our word for it!


People trained globally




ICAgile Certified Courses

“I came to this course expecting to learn more about lean and agile transformations. This course is beyond that. It is a launch pad to change the way you see the world and design enterprise of tomorrow ”
Paul Stonehouse
Lean Agile Coach
“This bootcamp should be on all senior leaders L&D list. It’s so much more than technology. It’s about preparing for the future. ”
Kate Rand
Chief People Officer
If you think about solving complex problems in your organization and have no idea where to start and how to approach it, this training is for you! I had a lot of AHA moments during the course and it really helped understand much better the role of Enterprise Agile Coach.
Kasia Mariak
Agile Transformation Lead
I cannot say enough about the transformational experience that happens in this class. There is no way to leave this class without having a personal transformation. I am leaving with a whole new perspective. So many dots were connected through the conversations we had this week. I have a LOT more learning to do, but I have found a family in my fellow classmates. Thank you for a fantastic week!
Sarah Kronos
Senior Program Manager