Certified Agile Team Facilitator ICP-ATF Training Course

Facilitation is a key skill required to foster collaboration and enable self-organising teams. This two day ICAgile Certified Agile training course focuses on the mindset and role of an agile team facilitator and provides a range of tools and techniques that can be used for designing engaging meetings that drive towards agreed-upon outcomes.

By attending this highly interactive workshop you will gain the essentials skills to design meetings for maximum impact. You will come away with both updated toolkits and practical experience that you can use back in the workplace and with your remote teams while leveraging your new skill sets to facilitate agile practices and meetings towards successful team outcomes.

Industry recognised certification – ICP-ATF

Become a Certified Agile Team Facilitator

class learning on the icp-atf course

This Agile Team Facilitator training class provides practical experience and updated toolkits to design online and in-person meetings that lead towards successful team outcomes. Join us and discover how to foster a safe and engaging collaborative environment using effective tools anytime, anywhere.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive the ICAgile-Certified Professional Agile Team Facilitator – ICP-ATF – certification, taking you one step closer to mastering growing, leading and inspiring amazing agile teams with our Agile Team Coach Cohort Program (ICE-AC).

Skills you will gain

Design & facilitate collaborative agile meetings

  • Design and present meetings with a clear purpose and a variety of group activities to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Unlock the skills needed to facilitate collaborative sessions with a clear decision scope while creating specific agile framework meetings that overcome obstacles and achieve overall purpose and outcomes.
  • Lead better, more meaningful collaborative conversations resulting in an increased capacity to give and receive feedback.
  • Acquire the knowledge and understanding to use and design retrospectives techniques depending on a team’s context, enabling learners to build trust and work through common pitfalls.
  • Design and facilitate Agile meetings in a variety of contexts and for varied team maturity levels
  • Acquire a new facilitation tool kit enabling participants to facilitate sessions for full participation.
What you will learn

The Agenda

  • Introduction to facilitation
  • How Agile facilitation differs from pure facilitation
  • Intro and practice of Core facilitation skills
  • Designing meetings for maximum impact
  • Models and tools for facilitation
  • Practice facilitating key Agile meetings
  • Putting it all together
  • Assessment

The Online Agile Facilitation course is absolutely something everyone who is even remotely interested in the area should do. The information and techniques learned will take you from level 1 to level 10. Highly recommend this course to others

Nicole Drohan – Training Curriculum Architect

“A challenging and engaging course which built up gradually so that activities were always just enough in my comfort zone for me to enjoy them and learn from them.” –

Lynda Watson, Senior Developer

Booking Your Place

The Agile Team Facilitator Training course is available both online and in-person, with public courses held in London, Oslo, and Bangkok.

We also offer in-house courses worldwide, so you can get the training you need no matter where you are.

Dates Fees Trainer Location Registration
19 – 20 June at 09:00 – 17:00 CET 17000 NOK John Inge Hervik Oslo in Norwegian BOOK NOW
1 – 4 July at 12:00 – 17:00 BST Early bird: £799 Standard: £999 +VAT Rafa Ribeiro Online in English BOOK NOW
2 – 5 September at 12:00 – 17:00 BST Early bird: £799 Standard: £999 +VAT TBC Online in English BOOK NOW
5 – 6 September at 09:00 – 17:00 CET 17,000 NOK John Inge Hervik Oslo in Norwegian BOOK NOW
3 – 4 October at 09:00 – 17:00 CET 17,000 NOK TBC Oslo in Norwegian BOOK NOW
7 – 8 October at 09:00 – 17:00 ICT ฿30,000 Rafa Ribeiro Bangkok in English BOOK NOW
5 – 6 December at 09:00 – 17:30 CET 17000 NOK TBC Oslo in Norwegian BOOK NOW

ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching Certification

This course is Certified by ICAgile as fulfilling the learning outcomes in the ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation Track. This certification is a key step in developing your agile facilitation skills before embarking on the Advanced Agile Team Coaching Cohort Program (ICE-AC).

Why choose us?

  • 20 hours of live online training providing you with unrivalled access to our unique experiential “Learn By Doing”approach, support and practice to embed learning
  • The AWA “Do it now” format emphasises learning by doing so you come away from the class with hands-on capabilities to help your teams succeed
  • Highly experienced, professional and passionate coach trainers, with real-world experience working in agile transformations and (co-located and remote) agile teams across many different companies of all shapes and sizes
  • Dramatically improve your agile facilitation skills for online as well as in-the-room meetings
  • Create and facilitate meetings that engage the entire audience and drive towards agreed-upon outcomes
  • Create safety and trust. You will also learn how to create high-trust and psychologically safe environments online too using the powerful online collaboration tools we will share with you!
  • Membership to the AWA Global Agile Team Facilitator class community, providing a rich ecosystem for support, learning and sharing experiences post-class.

Who would benefit?

Scrum Masters, Agile Project Managers, Agile Coaches and aspiring coaches, Product Owners, Business Analysts, and anyone with the desire to explore the power of facilitation.

What are the pre-requisites

A foundational understanding of agile ways of working.

Meet Your Trainers

All of our trainers are experienced Agile Coaches who actively practice what they teach inside real world agile transformations. As well as being highly qualified, they are fun, approachable and passionate about helping you learn!

john inge hervik

John Inge Hervik

rafa ribeiro

Rafa Ribeiro

David Lowe

louria lindauer

Louria Lindauer

Don’t take just our word for it!


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ICAgile Certified Courses

“This is a great foundational training to learn about the importance of soft skills in facilitation and that they can shift the entire outcome of a meeting.”
Swati Sharma
Sr Digital Business Analyst
“The Online Agile Facilitation course, by trainer Rafa Ribeiro is absolutely something everyone who is even remotely interested in the area should do. The information and techniques learned will take you from level 1 to level 10. Highly recommend this course to others.”
Nicole Drohan
Training Curriculum Architect
“The trainers gave an extremely professional, intense and awesome course packed with good insights and lots of training. Highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their skills in Agile Facilitation”
IT Project Manager
“I highly recommend this course if you want to improve your facilitation skills. You will have a chance to improve on the things you already do well- But best of all, you will learn a lot of new skills and techniques that you perhaps don’t know that you need.”

Anne Skifjeld
Scrum Master
“This was another excellent training. I really enjoyed and learned a lot. The instructors are incredible and the way they interact each other and with the team is just perfect. It exceeded my expectations! Thank you!”

Ailicec Fuentes
Agile Coach