Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF)

Certified Agile Facilitation Training

"Outstanding world class trainers. Very privileged to be in this environment learning from them"


Facilitation is a key skill required to foster collaboration, enable self-organising teams and create to trust and safety. The AWA 16-hour ICAgile Certified Agile Facilitation training course, focuses on the mindset and role of an agile team facilitator and show you how to employ a range of tools and techniques that can be used for designing engaging in-the-room and online meetings that result in agreed outcomes.

By attending this highly interactive workshop you will gain the necessary skills to design online and in-the-room meetings for maximum impact. You will come away with both updated toolkits and practical experience that you can use back in the workplace and with your remote teams, while leveraging your new skill sets to facilitate agile practices towards successful team outcomes. Attend our online class to learn how to foster a feeling of safety so that everyone feels heard online using quickly effective and engaging remote collaboration tools that allow you to think and collaborate visually anytime, anywhere.

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive the ICAgile-Certified Professional Agile Team Facilitator certification.


15th – 18th September – ONLINE – 13:00 – 18:00 (BST)
with Rafa Ribeiro
£1300 £999 +VAT
(4 half days) UK, USA & EMEA Timezone Friendly 

19th – 20th October in London – 09:00 – 18:00 (BST)
with Rafa Ribeiro
From £1100 + VAT

23rd – 24th November in London – 09:00 – 18:00 (GMT)
with Rafa Ribeiro
From £1100 +VAT

14th – 15th December in London – 09:00 – 18:00 (GMT)
with Rafa Ribeiro
From £1100 +VAT

please note: courses advertised to run in London from July onwards are subject to change and could run online if government restrictions change. Standard cancellation and transfer fees apply. 


  • Know what an agile facilitator is and how this role plays out with your teams, even when they are remote!
  • Demonstrate effective facilitation mindset such as self-awareness, self-management and neutrality works online and in-the-room.
  • Identify how to foster a feeling of safety so that everyone feels heard online.
  • Show how to design and present online and in-the-room meetings with clear purpose and a variety of group activities to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Explain how to facilitate in-the-room and online collaborative sessions with a clear decision scope and how you do this using remote collaboration tools.
  • Create specific agile meetings, like retrospectives, that overcome obstacles and achieve overall purpose and outcomes and how you do this online.
  • Acquire a new online (and in-the-room) facilitation tool kit enabling you to facilitate all your session sessions for full participation.
  • Facilitate better, more meaningful collaborative online and face2face conversations and increased capacity to give and receive feedback.
  • Demonstrate how to use and design online and in-the-room retrospectives techniques depending on your team’s context that will enable you to build trust and work through common pitfalls, even when you are all remote.
  • Design and facilitate agile meetings in a variety of contexts and for varied team maturity levels, even when everyone is remote!


  • Introduction to facilitation
  • How Agile facilitation differs from pure facilitation
  • Intro and practice of Core facilitation skills
  • Designing meetings for maximum impact
  • Models and tools for facilitation
  • Practice facilitating key Agile meetings
  • Putting it all together
  • Assessment


This course is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) as fulfilling all Learning Objectives in the Agile Team Facilitation track. After successful completion of this course, you can apply for the ICAgile Certified Professional-Agile Facilitation (ICP-ATF). This continuing education certification is a key step toward achieving the ICAgile Expert-Agile Coaching (ICE-AC), the industry’s first competence-based certification.There is an ongoing assessment throughout the class as well as a practical assessment at the end of the course that you will need to pass. As long as the trainers believe you have demonstrated competence and that you have understood the learning objectives and you do not miss more than 1 hour of the course then you will receive the certification. The certification is included in the price of the course. Following the class you will receive an email from ICAgile with your Certification.

By attending this course you will be eligible to earn up to 15 Category C SEU Points.


[online] “Rafa and Matthew are both very knowledgeable and have touched various aspects during the course that fascinated my thinking process. I would look forward to be receiving training from them in the future.” Ashley Ransoo – Agile Business Analyst

“Vey insightful, it gave you great techniques and tools to get the best from your people” – Rebecca Heavens – HR Director”

“Wonderful training for anyone facilitating agile sessions. You will learn tools and methods and will be able to practice them during the training” – Masood – Agile Coach”

“The most practical and hands on training I have ever experienced!” Ana Rafael – Agile Coach

“An amazing trainer using Training from the Back of the Room that allows the attendee to gain the most benefit for the material provided. The information and the exercises and feedback are extraordinary. Thank you!!! ” Phillis Wallach – VP

“This training placed names and provided structure to what came intuitively to me as well as provide tools to hone and refine myself. ” James C – DevOps Engineer

“Just when you thought you knew it all, there is still more to learn.” Sakina Williams – Scrum Master

“Once again I feel like I’m leaving with a bag full of new ideas that can not wait to come to reality in practice” – Bianca Schobel – Scrum Master

“A brilliant session run by brilliant people. I left feeling confident and excited to go and put my new facilitation skills into practice” – Charleigh Welburn – Scrum Master

“Outstanding world class trainers. Very privileged to be in this environment learning from them” – Alexandra Rodrigues – Agile Coach

“Really helped me focus on brushing up my facilitation skills and gave me confidence on best ways to prepare for and run sessions with a group” –  Claire Brown – Agile Coach

“Excellent course – great opportunity to learn and practice facilitation techniques. 5 stars!” – Jon Elock – Agile Coach

“The trainer has a wealth of knowledge and runs an exceptional course. Highly recommended!” – James Oliver – Scrum Master

“Dives into the reality of being a facilitator. Equips you to prepare & practice for difficult or challenging participants” – Thara Pathi Tandon – Agile Transformation Leader

Excellent piece of work combing knowledge practice and sharing among professionals and peers” – Ivelina Petkova – Project Manager

“Really happy to be here in London to receive the agile team facilitation training. It’s well designed, which has met my expectation completely.” – Selena Ma – Agile Coach

“Excellent training not only useful in professional life but also in personal life too” – Mongheal Sylvaine – Offer Creation Director

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Great content. Knowledgeable teacher. Learnt a lot!” – Karen Botsh, Delivery Manager

The coaches are really experienced & I really enjoyed!” – Felix Parache, Senior Manager

“One of the most engaging and creative courses I have been on that flew very naturally and made me feel well equipped to be a facilitator in any situation.” – Harsh Kesarwani, Project Manager

This is my second course with AWA and they consistently wow and impress with their delivery.” – Alan Jennings, Senior Delivery Manager

The trainer was really inspiring and it was a huge learning opportunity to grow personally and in my professional career.” – Shubhang Vishwamitra, Scrum Master

Great trainers, brilliant flow, time flew by but I had fun and I learned a lot.” – Giulio Folino, Scrum Master

A challenging and engaging course which built up gradually so that activities were always just enough in my comfort zone for me to enjoy them and learn from them.” – Lynda Watson, Senior Developer

Great trainer & training, very practical training. Thanks!” – Tom Van Baarle

Absolutely fun and active training to improve how I facilitate!” – Akiko Kato, Delivery Manager

Awesome course, great facilitator.” – Temitope Awere, Agile Coach

This is a great course for anyone who wants to gain further knowledge/skills on agile ways of working.” – Anissa Nahal, Head of HR Oncology

Fun course and great learning to be had.” – Siobhan Price, Agile Coach

“Superbly facilitated and incredibly engaging. Reinforced areas I knew, taught me about areas I did not know.” – John Harrison, Scrum Master

“Amazing course with a lot of practise and feedback on your personal facilitation technique.” – Louisa Mensah, Agile Coach

“Interactive, fun and very practical session to learn to facilitate meetings.” – Manika Agrawal

“Great 2-days filled with lots of tips and tricks. Opportunity to reflect and improve.” – Nicole Ruszkowski, Agile Delivery Coach


2 Days or 4 hrs over 4 days
(please check schedule for timings)

If you are a non-UK business please contact us before booking, on +44 203 369 1125 or, as the VAT charge may be affected.


Agile Team Coach & Agile Team Facilitator:
Save when you book both ICP-ACC and ICP-ATF email us for details 

Developing countries – online fees
We offer special rates for class participants from developing countries who wish to join our online classes, please email us for details.


  • Pre-class support and class alignment call
  • 20 hours of live online training providing you with unrivalled access to deep experiential learning, support and practice to embed learning
  • “Do it now” format emphasising learning by doing so you come away from the class with hands on capabilities to help your teams succeed
  • Two highly-experienced, professional coach trainers, with real-word experience working in agile transformations and (co-located and remote) agile teams across many different companies of all shapes and sizes
  • Improved skills and knowledge that will enable you to create and facilitate meetings that engage the entire audience and drive towards agreed-upon outcomes
  • Learn how to Facilitate online. You will learn how to dramatically improve your agile facilitation skills for online as well as in-the-room meetings!
  • Create safety and trust! You will also learn how to create high-trust and psychologically safe environments online too using the powerful online collaboration tools we will share with you!
  • Membership to the global Agile Team Facilitator class community providing a rich ecosystem for support, learning and sharing experiences post-class.
  • This course is taught in English by our highly-qualified coach trainer team.


  • Printed and bound manual (in-the-room class only)
  • Online and downloadable copy of the class manual
  • Delicious breakfast, lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the course as part of your registration fee (in-the-room class only)


Agile Team Facilitator is available to run privately for a group of your Team  Leads, Scrum Masters, Coaches and Managers to gain quickly-effective facilitation skills for designing and running impactful meetings. Talk to us today about our transformative private group training for groups or individuals which we can run for your business, online or anywhere in the world.


ScrumMasters, Agile Project Managers, Agile Coaches and aspiring coaches, Product Owners, Business Analysts, and anyone with the desire to explore the power of facilitation.


This an intermediate-level course for practitioners with at least 6 months of hands-on agile experience. You will build upon the experience you already have working with agile teams.

You will also need to:
  • Have a good internet connection
  • Have a webcam that is turned on
  • Be able to use Slack and Zoom (at least 10 Mbps download / upload)
  • Be in a quiet space where you can speak freely
  • One person, one device
we also recommend (although not essential)
  • Two monitors
  • Space to move around the room



Matthew is a professional coach and leadership trainer with over 25 years’ experience helping companies change and build high performance teams. He brings extensive coaching knowledge together with a strong technical background and is passionate about making working life better. Matthew’s approach is underpinned by several highly effective methods including clean language, systemic modelling and leadership embodiment. By first focusing on culture Matthew helps his teams create the kind of results needed with ‘agile’. Matthew is an ICAgile Authorised Trainer, a Certified Clean Language coach and a Leadership Embodiment coach and trainer.

matthew dodwell


After working as a Software Developer for 11 years, Rafa Ribeiro realised that despite the knowledge he had about machines and computers, he lacked skills to empower and support other people. With the challenge of creating his own company, he felt the need to start a learning journey into the realms of Psychology, Expressive Arts and Professional Coaching. As a result of this mixture, Rafa currently works as an Agile Coach and Professional Coach with organisations, teams, and individuals, helping them discover and becoming aware of their goals, reflecting their behaviours and supporting their growth. He has a range of deep experience working with co-located, distributed and full remote teams, as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach or Enterprise Agile Coach.

rafa ribeiro


Simon Powers is the founder of Adventures with Agile, the global community of practice for agile and organizational change. Simon is a world class facilitator and trainer. Over the last decade Simon has worked in organizations moving towards agile ways of working, his approach has led him to create a series of ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching training courses, which have received high praise from both the communities in London and worldwide.

As a coach, he works with the board of directors or senior managers to transform the way that they see themselves, each other, and their organizations. The results are better organizational design, better processes, more engaged staff, and an organization that is customer focused and more successful.

Simon has hosted and trained with some of the world’s foremost thought leaders including Craig Larman and Bas Vodde (creators of Large Scale Scrum), Lyssa Adkins (Coaching Agile Teams), Scott Ambler and Mark Lines (Disciplined Agile), Sharon Bowman (Training from the Back of the Room), David Snowden (Cynefin and Sense maker), David Anderson (Kanban), Don Reinertsen (Lean Product Delivery), Michael Sahota (Leadership), Alistair Cockburn (Heart of Agile), and many others. Simon has won awards for the person who has done the most to promote agile globally in 2016, the most popular agile conference speaker in 2016, and was part of the program that won the best implementation of agile in the UK public sector in 2015. He has lectured at university, spoken at conferences all over the world, writes for the AWA blog, and has released multiple white papers.



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