ICAgile Certified Product Management Course (ICP-PDM)

Looking to streamline the process of bringing products to market and deliver what your customers want? That’s where a product manager comes in. Our ICAgile Certified Product Management course will equip you with the skills to manage the product lifecycle, develop product strategies, and balance market conditions, business goals, and delivery tactics to satisfy your stakeholders and customers.

You’ll discover how to incorporate customer feedback, competitive analysis, and market trends into your organisation to make better business decisions. We’ll teach you how to communicate your product vision and roadmap effectively, and provide you with a toolkit to deliver exceptional products.

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Skills you will gain

Discover, position & deliver winning products

With hands-on, engaging, and thought-provoking sessions, you’ll learn how to manage the product lifecycle through various stages.

  • Analyse a product across the adoption curve and the product lifecycle
  • Describe how a product can be positioned to meet market, customer, and organisational needs
  • Prepare a product strategy and describe how to validate the strategy
  • Prepare an example outcome-oriented product roadmap
  • Build a low-fidelity prototype determine how to collect and respond to and get feedback on it
  • Evaluate how team composition changes as the product changes, scales, and moves through the product lifecycle

Be recognised for your expertise!

Upon completion of this course, you’ll earn the ICAgile Certified Professional in Product Management certificate (ICP-PDM).

Course dates & fees

The Product Management Training course is available both online and in-person. We offer in-house courses worldwide, so you can get the training you need no matter where you are.

12 – 13 December
09:00 – 17:00 GMT
From £999 +VAT (standard price £1200 +VAT)Timoté GemierEnglish
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“Don’t look away if your role isn’t a Project Manager. Perspective really helps when you work in a Delivery Team.”
Jessica Bresnihan
Scrum Master
Product Management (ICP-PDM) Delegate
“Engaging, fun, informative.”
Aamer Younas
Scrum Master
Product Management (ICP-PDM) Delegate

Meet Your Trainers

All of our trainers are experienced Product Management experts who actively practice what they teach. As well as being highly qualified, they are fun, approachable and passionate about helping you learn!

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Timoté Gemier

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