Metrics Empowerment Workshop

Embracing Team & System Metrics for Continuous Improvement

Do you want to deepen your grasp of agile-lean metrics and harness their power within your teams? Ready to shift from individual team metrics to a holistic, team-of-teams perspective? If you seek a practical, hands-on workshop that makes metrics clear and actionable, your search ends here.

In this two-day workshop, we empower you to use metrics effectively, expanding your perspective to understand how interconnected teams fit into a broader value delivery system. Gain firsthand experience selecting and applying metrics tailored to your unique challenges for immediate impact. This isn’t just theory; it’s about equipping you with practical knowledge. Your newfound expertise will resonate with team managers and leaders, transforming Agile metrics from confusing data into catalysts for real-world improvement and progress.

Metrics Empowerment Workshop Embracing Team & System Metrics for Continuous Improvement

Key outcomes

  • Broaden and Deepen: Learn key team metrics and how they interconnect with the larger organisational ecosystem.
  • Insights to Action: Turn your understanding of system-level metrics into concrete, team-friendly improvement plans.
  • Continuous Improvement: Foster a culture that uses metrics for ongoing betterment at all levels.
  • Decision Drivers: Use metrics to align tactical and strategic decisions across teams, stakeholders, and leaders.
  • Sustainable Implementation: Discuss how to make metrics a lasting part of your decision-making process.

Who should join?

This workshop is crafted for professionals working in agile environments like Team Managers, Portfolio Managers, Product Manager, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Agile Coaches who are keen to bring empirical depth to their practice.

Whether you’re in a managerial role or a hands-on practitioner, such as a Scrum Master, Product Manager, Product Owner, Agile Coach, or Lead Developer, this workshop extends your purview, enabling you to contribute more meaningfully to overall organisational success.

Booking Your Place

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Program Highlights

  • Practical implementation of activity, efficiency, and flow metrics in interactive simulations.
  • Critical evaluation of metrics systems, including DORA and SPACE metrics.
  • Appraise the importance of metrics, and guidance on selecting appropriate metrics for your context.
  • Explore different approaches to estimation, predictability, and forecasting.
  • Development of strategies to educate your peers on good data and metrics use.
  • Create an actionable plan of experiments you can implement back in your workplace to drive continuous improvement.

What you stand to gain

  • Know how to use and apply metrics to better understand the system and catalyse real-world improvement and progress.
  • Apply Agile metrics in real-world scenarios to enhance your teams and organisation’s performance.
  • Develop critical thinking skills for selecting and interpreting appropriate metrics.
  • Adopt a systemic view of performance metrics, enriching both your team’s and the organisation’s ability to succeed.
  • Lead with influence by driving discussions on metrics and accountability.
  • Confidently navigate ethical considerations around the appropriate use of metrics. 
  • Enjoy sustainable improvements in productivity and team morale long after the workshop.

Meet your trainer

Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers Designing Agile Games for Transformative Learning | AWA Global

Carl is an Agile Coach experienced in helping Fortune 500 and global organisations grow healthy agile culture bubbles and find their right-fit agility. Carl’s mission is to help people reframe, rethink and reimagine the way they work.

Carl designs and facilitates fun, immersive, engaging spaces for learning using agile games, simulations, shared narratives, and collective decision-making. He draws on a deep understanding of agile and lean thinking, facilitation and transformation experience to help organisations, teams, and individuals understand their current reality and take a structured, experiment-based approach to change.

Outside of work, Carl can often be found walking in the country around his Surrey village home, playing heavy euro games with his wife, and battling Pokemon with his daughters.

Metrics Empowerment Workshop Feedback

“Broadened my understanding and knowledge of available metrics to use in agile environments.”

Janko Matic
Director, Principal Product

“Interactive, energetic and interesting…
Who knew that you could connect metrics and fun!”

Maria Carmo
Business & Delivery Coach

“I spent a couple of enjoyable days with Carl on this workshop – the simulations and the exercises we did were both excellent and enlightening, and Carl, as the trained pulled it all together with us in what was a great learning experience”

Paul Brown
Data-informed Product & Flow(Kanban) Coach

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