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Here at AWA we have many years experience in coaching, facilitating, and training online. We have adapted our classes, not by swapping for the same experience online, but by rethinking every single module and learning objective to be enhanced by clever tooling to create the kind of transformational experience you would expect from an AWA training course. All our classes are available publicly and we cater for global timezones. So please do check which timezone the class is running in before you book.

What about private group training for my business?
We can also organise online private group training for your business, please contact to find out more about our services.

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  • “The Quality of this Bootcamp is unprecedented! Organic, well organised and full of real-life examples.” – Agile Coach
  • “Great Impact, this course has expanded my understanding and mindset to be prepared to coach leadership and solution business problems at an enterprise level” – Senior Agile Coach
  • “Detailed, engaging and insightful. I liked that it was all online – the trainers were fantastic. The resources and information available was excellent, they were engaging and really brought people into the ‘room’ to feel as one cohesive unit” – Head of Delivery
  • “Deep – Concrete – Superbly facilitated. AWA courses are awesome. This bootcamp was the most practical and usable I have ever attended. It really upped my game” – Founder
  • “Amazing, fantastic and interesting. What a fantastic programme in the world of Enterprise Agility. Must recommend. I learned a lot in the 5 days. Must attend programme if you are planning to leap to the world of Enterprise level coaching.” – Programme Manager¬†

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