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"Provides practical and actionable practices for how teams
can improve their distributed and dispersed ways of working"


Are you a Scrum Master, Coach or Manager who works with distributed or remote teams? Do you dread leading your online meetings? Would you like to have a set of tools that bring your online meetings to life; that inspire and fully engage everyone?

Mastering how to facilitate remote meetings is fast becoming a critical skill. During this interactive online learning series, we will teach you a set of quickly-effective remote facilitation skills and tools to add to your Agile Facilitator’s toolkit. You will learn how to energise your online meetings resulting in better team connections, communication, and outcomes.

You will also have the opportunity to try out these new tools and experience the online world in a fun and interactive way.  By attending this interactive online course with Judy Rees – an expert in distributed team communication – you will gain an effective toolkit to design and facilitate impactful and engaging online meetings.


This is an interactive online training course that will take place over two separate blocks lasting four hours each.  Each cohort is limited to 12 participants only. All times are in London time. There will be a small amount of preparation to do before each of the sessions – up to 15 minutes per class.

If you would like to learn in-the-room AND online agile meeting facilitation skills then click here


  • Design and host great online meetings of all kinds, including meetings (eg updates, reviews, stand-ups, retros), innovation (eg brainstorming), training workshops, influencing events (e.g presentations)
  • Adapt your in-the-room toolkit to work effectively online
  • Eradicate distraction, make focus the default
  • Inspire high-quality dialogue
  • Create the conditions where great online meetings of all kinds ‘just happen’.


  • You dread leading online meetings
  • Feel disempowered and frustrated when you can’t see all your participants
  • You want to feel the energy in the room and make real connections with the people involved
  • You want to build trust and better relationships with your remote team members
  • Overcome common remote meeting challenges like distraction, disconnection and discomfort.
  • You want to make your remote meetings as good (if not) better than in-the-room ones.


I feel like my remote facilitator toolkit has expanded 10-fold! Lots of reassurance / validation that the way I’ve been approaching things is right but also tons of new ideas, practical advice and confirmation that keeping things simple and focused on purpose and outcomes is always far more important than fancy tools or complicated techniques. Thank you! Jo Garwood – Delivery Lead

Practical, relevant and helpful. It has honed my facilitation skills (specifically in the remote space) and given me practical tips/tools to improve the online workshops/meetings that I’m planning and running all led by someone who was extremely experienced. Cat Annison – Delivery Manager

“Engaging and highly interactive course with a great trainer.” Kim Butler – Head of Agile Delivery

“Very useful training with a good mixture of thematic and technical knowledge shared in a very nice way by the trainer! Worth to do it!” Simona Rinaldi – Events and Visibility Team coordinator

“Judy Rees’ course is highly useful and engaging. A thought leader in the field, she will walk you through relevant theory and a lot of practice on designing and delivering session remotely.” Jasper Verdooren – Agile Coach

“If you are looking for an opportunity the further your knowledge and improve your facilitator skills please look no further. Join the course, you won’t regret it. A big thank you to Judy Rees” Guy Augusto – Agile Coach

“I thoroughly recommend this training – the world is becoming more online, distributed and connected we need to become more comfortable and skilled working in these environments. This course opened my mind to this subject, in a very practical way and it’s already making a big difference to myself and the teams and groups I work with.” – Sarah Toogood – Product, Delivery and People Coach

“Very useful! It has changed my perspective on remote meeting and I’m finding new ways of enabling team collaboration and running scrum events with remote teams. It’s already had significant impact on my remote meetings” – Ash Tiwari

“Thank you for creating this course. I’ve enjoyed these past few weeks. I truly believe you’re touching on a subject that is such a big issue for many people and you’ve provided all us with something to work with in how we prepare for and facilitate any number of meetings or workshops” Dan Parsons – Lead Agile Coach

“Confidence-boosting and bursting with ideas.” – Farah, Scrum Master

“Great course – fully interactive with a variety of tools, techniques, hints & tips that can be used by all with relative ease. Will improve your confidence of hosting remote meetings, for sure!”- C.Brown – Agile Coach

“Judy’s delivery of this course was great, every session was very engaging and we all now have a great toolkit to take into remote meetings”. – C.Dutton – Project Manager


Two 4-Hour Online Blocks


£395 + UK VAT

If you are a non-UK business please contact us before booking, on +44 203 369 1125 or, as the VAT charge may be affected.


If you have an internal group who would benefit from this training then talk to us about organising a private session for your team or group of Team Leads, Scrum Masters, Coaches or Managers. 


  • Electronic Course Materials
  • New and improved tool kit for “rocking” your online meetings


This an intermediate-level course for practitioners with at least 6 months of hands-on agile experience. You will build upon the experience you already have working with agile teams.



Author, speaker, consultant, trainer and coach based in London, UK. Leading on distributed diversity and communication clarity in complex contexts.

I’m a facilitator, coach and trainer – mostly working over the internet. Not long ago I facilitated what was probably the world’s first “video unconference” in which 150 people self-organised to talk about the things that mattered to them.

I’m the co-author of a bestselling book, “Clean Language”, which describes a precision inquiry toolkit which works especially well in complex systems. I coach using this methodology, and I also teach Clean Language to Agile coaches and others, mostly online. I’m the co-founder of the Rees McCann Partnership.

judy rees


In this learning series, each live, experiential online workshop builds on the last. Attendance at – and active engagement in – all workshops is expected. Please make sure you will be available, and in a quiet place with a decent internet connection, for all sessions. Together we’ll make sure time flies – and you learn loads.

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