Certified Systems Coaching & Thinking Training Course ICP-SYS

Would you like to uncover the hidden challenges holding your teams and organisation back? Tailored for Scrum Masters, Managers, Coaches, and Leaders this Certified Systems Coaching and Thinking ICP-SYS training course is your gateway to mastering the art of systems coaching grounded in systems thinking.

This course isn’t just about learning techniques; it’s about gaining a profound understanding of the complex interplay within your teams and the entire organisation. You’ll discover the hidden threads that influence team dynamics and organisational health. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to visualise underlying issues, spark collaborative solutions, and facilitate impactful, sustainable improvement.

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“This course shifts how you perceive the world around you, its events and how they are interconnected and gives you the tools to coach groups of various sizes. A brilliant way into the world of systems thinking and coaching”
Tobias Glaser
Industry recognised certification

Become Certified Systems Coaching & Thinking – ICP-SYS

Learning to coach a system has given me new ways to enable people to look at their issues and find new routes to help solve them

Chris Miles – Head of Platform Engineering

Discover how to coach complex systems using various systems coaching approaches. You will learn how to work with your clients as a system, tools and techniques to help systems move into action, and ethics frameworks for decision-making. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of your personal biases, learn how to grow your inner-capacity as a systems coach, and create a coaching plan for a client.

The course offers you a new way of thinking and coaching organisations, and equips you with the necessary tools to effect change for innovation and delivery in today’s complex and rapidly changing world.

Be recognised for your expertise

Upon completion, you will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional in Systems Coaching – ICP-SYS – certificate, which is a significant step in developing your agile coaching mastery.

Course dates & fees

The Systems Coaching and Thinking Training course is available both online and in-person, with public courses held in London and Norway.

We also offer in-house courses worldwide, so you can get the training you need no matter where you are.

Dates Times Pricing Language Location
8 – 10 April 2024 09:00 – 17:30 CET From 22 500 NOK English Oslo BOOK NOW
15 – 17 April 2024 09:00 – 17:30 BST Special Offer Early bird £1,150 +VAT (Standard £1,300 +VAT) English London BOOK NOW
20 – 24 May 2024 12:00 – 17:00 GMT Special Offer Early bird £799 +VAT (Standard £999 +VAT) English Online BOOK NOW
19 – 21 June 2024 09:00 – 17:30 ICT ฿42,000 English Bangkok BOOK NOW
9 – 11 September 2024 09:00 – 17:30 ICT ฿42,000 English Bangkok BOOK NOW

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Skills you will gain

Feel confident working as a Systems Coach

  • Confidently work with complex human systems without feeling overwhelmed
  • Explain how coaching impacts the organisation and what structural changes are needed to deliver customer value
  • Bring out hidden dynamics within a system and make decisions based on sense-making
  • Set up coaching as a strategic amplifier in your organisation and build a coaching culture to support growth
  • Demonstrate capacity as both a systems thinker and systems coach, knowing when to apply systemic tools with your teams and organisation
  • Continuously evolve your organisation using systems tools and illustrate how multiple, interdependent effects of our actions within a system impact future success and failure
  • Navigate the hidden forces that seem to stop change from happening, visualise them, and enable others to make better decisions.

Meet Your Trainers

All of our trainers are experienced Agile Coaches who actively practice what they teach inside real world agile transformations. As well as being highly qualified, they are fun, approachable and passionate about helping you learn!

john inge hervik

John Inge Hervik

alan jennings

Alan Jennings

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“The Systems Coaching Course offered me greater perspective to develop and improve coaching subsystems (i.e. Agile Teams, Agile Centres of Excellence) within organisations. A worthwhile consideration if you’re on a related journey in your organisation.”
Dennis Peterson
Agile Coach
Very interesting course on systems thinking – it provides tools and an understanding of how you can meet the system you are in, reveal parts of it, align with how we want to probe it and how to act on it.
Senior Enterprise Agile Coach
“A nice journey to learn, practice and find ways to deal with issues you may find working with leaders.”
Paolo Malloggi
Agile Coach
Learning to coach a system has given me new ways to enable people to look at their issues and find new routes to help solve them
Chris Miles
Head of Platform
A brilliant course, that gives the attendees time to learn, discuss and reflect on all the aspects on systems thinking and coaching
Barry Greenland
Scrum Master
This is an awesome oppurtunity for anyone looking to learn Systems coach in a fun & engaged way.
There were such amount of tools I took from this course! Even though the course was in remote mode, I felt very engaged throughout it. I highly recommend it
William Guevera
Head of Agile