Team Genesis Workshop

How to Set a Team on the Path Towards High-Performance


Experience this hands-on collaborative AWA designed workshop that allows you to understand how to lay the foundations necessary for a high-performing team.


  • the ability to identify negative patterns within their team.
  • discuss and commit to what it takes to become a high-performing team.
  • get a chance to bond and begin establish a foundation of trust.a
  • a Team Charter, with values and agreed behaviours for team improvement.
  • a shared language and understanding of the practices of a high-performing team.


  • Increased trust will contribute to the psychological safety of the team, which will increase team effectiveness.
  • A a chance for each team member to have their say in how they want to work as a team.
  • It will contribute to you having a better working environment.

This workshop is largely made up of activities interspersed with theory and explanation. Participants will explore the concepts of trust and team bonding through a variety of exercises. They will also learn some of the theory that supports the building of a high-performing team. During the session we will build a team charter, which represents the genesis of a trusting team relationship as it provides clear reference points that enables the team to frequently reflect on their performance and identify actions that will drive continuous improvement.

Participants will come away from the workshop with an understanding of why a team is high-performing or dysfunctional and what they can do about it, a team charter with values and agreed behaviours for team improvement, and a shared language and understanding of the practices of a high performing team.

Running Time:
3 hours

Who should attend:
team members, team leads, managers

For enquiries:
t: 0203 369 1125