Training From the Back of the Room

Virtual Edition in Partnership with the Humble Associates

About this course

Training from the BACK for the Room! explores the most current cognitive neuroscience about effective instruction, how the brain takes in, stores retrieves, and uses knowledge. Discover six powerful learning principles based on the best of cognitive science, then apply these principles every time you train, teach, or coach others. This Virtual Edition takes these principles and practices into the virtual realm, helping you:

  • Design excellent course content that works remotely
  • Build high quality, engaging learning experiences
  • Deliver training that your learners will rave about
  • Set yourself up for successful training

What is TBR-VE?

In this interactive and highly practical virtual class you will explore the “Cognitive Neuroscience” to understand how humans learn best. The Training from the BACK of the room Virtual edition will introduce you to 6 specific brain science principles to help learners fully engage. You also learn a 4-step instructional design model to help you design high-quality sessions. Whether you want to update old workshops, or being inspired to create brand new content, this workshop will revolutionise the way you think about training. By the end of the sessions, you will have a whole plethora of creative activities, ideas, and resources to super-charge your virtual classes.

After your active participation in the class, you will be able to:

  • Apply 6 brain-science principles based on current research every time you deliver virtual training, regardless of the complexity of the topic, size of the group, or level of learners.
  • Use the 4Cs Map as a training design and delivery model for brain-based virtual instruction.
  • Create virtual training sessions that combine your topic and materials with the brain-based concepts and strategies from the class and demonstrate how to leverage the strengths of virtual learning environments.
  • Explain to colleagues your understanding of cognitive science as it applies to learning, training, and memory in both virtual and face-to-face environments.
  • Choose from dozens of virtual brain-based learning activities for all topics.
  • Become an active member of the TBR-VE Class Group and share your expertise about brain-based virtual instruction and learning.


  • A laptop or Desktop computer (the class is unsuitable for digital tables or smartphones)
  • Good quality web cam
  • Good quality microphone/speakers/headset
  • Access to Zoom & Miro (If you are unfamiliar there are plenty of tutorials to help you familiarise yourself)
  • A printing source to download/print the digital Participant workshop (45 pages approx.)
  • (If you don’t have access to a printer please contact us for options)
  • Miscellaneous analogue materials: sticky notes, sharpies/markers, blank paper, pen/pencil.

Who Should Attend?

This class is hugely versatile. Its focus is for anyone who wants to design, build, and deliver successful and engaging live virtual training or workshops. Typical roles that attend this workshop include: Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, Teachers, Learning & Development Professionals, Producers


On successful completion of this class, you will receive a TBR-VE Class Certificate of Completion.

Please note: Completing the TBR-VE class does not cover the prerequisite requirement for the Training from the BACK of the Room! Trainer Certification Course.

Our course trainers


Mat Hayes

Mat Hayes is a training consultant, executive coach, and is also very active in the Agile community. He loves improvisation, mindfulness, and listening to people. Mat loves to bring a sense of kindness and playfulness into whatever he does. When he came across TBR Mat knew it was going to be a passion of his. Mat’s favourite thing to do is create immersive and interesting workshops, whilst mixing things up as much as possible. TBR has quite literally changed his life! He is trained to deliver TBR in person or virtually, and is always happy to help others with their workshops by building their ideas.

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