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save time and money with the AWA Training Pass

The AWA Training Pass is both time and money-saving. It gives access to our full range of training, placing a cost-effective, high-impact learning pathway at your feet. It also allows us to help you create bespoke training that matches your learning objectives and your budget. We can even arrange for training passes to be paid via instalments rather than one upfront payment. Download the training pass pack to view a snapshot of our training pass options. If you don’t see a pass that quite matches your needs please contact the AWA Team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and suitable options for you.


To make it easy for you, there are several ways you can pay for training, including;

  • book multiple courses at the same time and save money
  • paying in instalments, rather than a single up-front payment
  • enjoying the flexibility and reduced cost of pre-ordering by paying for 10x set courses (and/or onsite workshops) in advance, taking them anytime during the year as, and when, they are required
  • setting aside a fixed budget to draw on during the year ahead (once you have decided on your learning objectives) and then, simply purchasing training on a person-by-person basis at a reduced cost, creating specific learning journeys for key members of staff. Individual staff can then either attend a private onsite workshop (as part of a larger group) or one of our public courses.

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