Visual Thinking for Agile Coaches Training Course

Would you like to create visually engaging posters and templates for your group coaching sessions and retrospectives? Or beautiful visual recordings or agendas that help make your meetings more engaging and accessible to all (especially those who are neurodiverse!)? Look no further than the Visual Thinking for Coaches course!

Our course is not just informative, it’s also playful, experimental, and fun! Learn how to create visually stunning templates, posters, recordings, and agendas to make your sessions more accessible and inclusive for all.
Join us to unleash the power of visual thinking to enrich your coaching sessions and engage your team.

Gemma’s delivery of this course is extremely insightful, the learnings and takeaways will help all change agents in their change initiatives and help them convey information in some exciting visuals
No artistic skill necessary!

Turn complex ideas into easy to understands image & text

Do you want to become a more impactful coach by using Visual Thinking tools? Visual Thinking can help you and your clients solve problems, set goals, and understand complex systems in a way that is not possible with just words. Our Visual Thinking for Coaches course is designed to empower coaches, team facilitators, and Agile professionals to use the power of visual metaphor to tackle common issues. This hands-on, interactive course will help you develop your own visual library, create meaningful artifacts for teams, and improve communication. You will leave this workshop with an updated toolkit that you can immediately apply in your coaching practice.

Skills you will gain

Feel confident visually facilitating your agile meetings

  • Visually facilitate unique retrospectives and team coaching workshops
  • Develop more engaging methods of presenting ideas
  • Create a setting for your workshops and settings that feels creative, inclusive and looks great!
  • Communicate patterns of dysfunction to teams, and help teams to generate their own insights
  • Help an organisation articulate its vision without descending into management speak
  • Communicate complex ideas in ways that bring people onto the same page and get people collaborating
  • Show others how to develop metaphors that help them problem solve or understand their issues or set goals.
  • Use images, colour and style to develop a look matching your client or organisation’s brand and making the work that you do more shareable
  • Feel more confident in putting your ideas onto a page with structure using simple techniques that will help you stand out in your Agile or Coaching role.
  • Know how to set up your workshop environment for space-based coaching techniques
  • Be a more effective and engaging communicator, who is able to communicate with people with different neurotypes

Course dates & fees

The Visual Thinking for Coaches Training course is available both online and in-person, with public courses held in London.

We also offer in-house courses worldwide, so you can get the training you need no matter where you are.

This course is available in-house. Please contact us to enquire about pricing and availability for your organisation.

Dates Times Price Host Location Language
TBC 09:00-17:00 GMT £650 +VAT Gemma Honour London English ENQUIRE NOW

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Meet Your Trainer

All of our trainers are experienced Agile Coaches who actively practice what they teach inside real world agile transformations. As well as being highly qualified, they are fun, approachable and passionate about helping you learn!

Gemma Honour

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Visual Thinking for Coaches is a fantastic, joyful programme, that helps explore how to use visual thinking, facilitation and coaching to help solve your challenges, but importantly to support clients to solve theirs in a memorable, inclusive way.
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