What Makes A Good Training Course?

Adventures with Agile brings some of the best knowledge to our community (that exists right now) in the form of free online resources, free evening events and paid for training courses.

We try to bring people who are at the top of their game. People who have a track record of doing great things, who have proved that they ‘get’ the Agile mind set. Giants in their field.

Having this type of presenter means that the knowledge and experience are readily available.

But does this alone make a good training course?

The information and learning still has to be absorbed by you and then remembered so as to be able to useful, practical and applicable once you are back in the office.

We are familiar with death by PowerPoint.

This type of event simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

With the advent of books like “Training From the Back of the Room” and interactive games such as playing with Lego, games from Innovation Games and educational games like The Ball Flow Game from Karl Scotland.

As an industry we have set a new standard for learning.

And interactive style that makes learners also be the teachers and the teacher a perpetual learner.

And believe it or not. It is fun.

School did us no favours in how we learn. Not much has changed since Victorian times.

Until now!

All of the courses at Adventures with Agile are high quality and involve interaction, workshop style and involved learning AND delivered by great people with huge experience.

Three steps to revolutionise your learning: