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If you are interested in learning more about coaching we recommending attending our Agile Team Coach course. This 3-day course is highly-interactive, powerpoint free and facilitated by Professional, real world coaches, actively practicing what they teach with clients onsite. You will learn professional coaching skills that will help you to bring the best out the agile teams you work with. This course is certified by ICAgile (the leading accreditation body for Agile Coaching). By attending this course you will learn:

  • Professional coaching skills and techniques like powerful questions
  • The difference between coaching and mentoring
  • How to help teams and individuals overcome challenges and conflict
  • An introduction to neuroscience and why it’s important as coaches we understand how the brain reacts when we’re stressed.
  • How to create a psychologically safe environment for your teams by looking at how to set up the team environment and help the team to know themselves and create a shared culture and vision.
  • How to conduct the coaching conversation including techniques to improve the way you listen, brainstorm and help your client be effective with actions.
  • Why it’s important to design a coaching contract with your team and stakeholders.

plus much more. See the course for full description and agenda. 

Every graduate from our Agile Team Coach class is invited to attend our regular online Agile Team Coach clinic, providing you with a safe forum in which to share stories, ask questions, get coaching and to practice coaching. We would also recommend researching a professional coaching qualification that is accredited by the International Coach Federation for example Barefoot Coaching or ORSC.

““I would recommend this course to any Delivery Manager, Scrum Master or Management” – Agile Team Coach (ICP-ACC)


“Excellent workshop, everyone involved with training and presentations should attend!
“- Training from the back of the Room


Having a tool box of facilitation skills is an important asset for any team lead, manager, scrum master or coach. These skills will help you keep your meetings and trainings engaging, well attended, and on the right track. Our Agile Team Facilitator course is certified by ICAgile for their ICAgile Certified Agile Team Facilitation certification. It’s 100% powerpoint free, highly-interactive and impactful. View the Agile Team Facilitator page for details, dates and locations

If you work with remote or distributed teams and need to know how to design and run online meetings then check out our exclusive Remote Agile Facilitator course we run with remote team communicator expert Judy Rees. This online program runs over 4 weeks giving you much sought after skills to ensure your online meetings are as engaging and as effective as your in-the-room ones.


If you would like to create training workshops and meetings that have a lasting impact we suggest attending our Training from the BACK of the Room class. This 2 day training will teach you accelerated learning techniques that will give you the know-how to create engaging training to make learning stick. The learnings from this class can be applied to workshop, meetings and ceremonies. For more information about how this class can help you as both a coach and a trainer read this article.


Depending on your experience working in an agile way or in agile environments. There are a couple of options available to broaden as well as deepen you skills and knowledge in agile and the agile mindset:

  • Agile Foundations– is an ICAgile certified course that cover agile ways of working, beyond Scrum. During this course you will learn about key concepts such as adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement as well as:
    • Apply the values and principles of the Agile model for product development
    • Compare and contrast the most popular Agile approaches, including Scrum and Kanban
    • Recognise the cultural and mindset challenges of being fully successful with Agile
    • Create a strong focus on the delivery of customer value
    • Grow self-organising teams that frequently deliver valuable, high-quality products

This certification is also the gateway cert for the expert track that ICAgile offers for all their certification tracks. – If you are interested in learning more about the ICAgile Expert Track and what exactly this is please contact us and we can send you more details.

  • Frameworks – if you are interested in learning more about the scaling frameworks like LeSS. We run a public Certified LeSS Basics and a 3-day Certified LeSS Practitioner courses throughout the year. We also cover agile transformation and enterprise agility in great detail, including the frameworks, in our enterprise coaching courses.

“useful, interactive and well organised, giving me the initial pointers I need and the mindset to increase my knowledge to try and apply some of the principle” – Agile Fundamentals (ICP)


We are very fortunate, as the agile community is incredibly active, helpful and knowledgeable. AWA run a meetup group here in London and also in NYC – if you’re not already a member then join us here. Our meetups are typically focussed on enterprise change and leadership. We record most of our meetups and share them on our youtube channel.

There are also many other meetups groups in London focussed on different areas, check out the meetup site to find your local group.  We also recommend attending or even volunteering to help facilitate the Scrum Master clinics – as these special events will give you real world experience and create meaningful connections.

Getting involved with the agile community in which ever way you can will be extremely beneficial for your continuous personal and professional development.


We have compiled a list of 5 of the recommended books we think every Scrum Master should read. Check out the list here.

“I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am in my career without all the things I have learned from coming to these meetups. Thank you”


for all queries and questions please contact our friendly team who will be happy to help advise on your next stage of learning.

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