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We offer high-quality global training with our accredited trainers

About our training

We help you to help others make the world of work a better place. Our training courses are proven to equip your teams and organisations with the critical skills needed to thrive in the face of rapidly changing market demands.

Our L.E.A.P. program includes all the courses you need to create organisational agility and to grow individuals, teams, and organisations that succeed no matter what life throws at them. We provide global in-person and online training and offer private group training where participants are all from the same team or organisation.

Our courses

Here at AWA, we have many years of experience in coaching, facilitating, and training online. We have re-engineered our online classes, not by swapping for the same experience online, but by rethinking every single module and learning objective to be enhanced by clever tooling to create the kind of transformational experience you would expect from an AWA training course.

All our classes are available publicly and we cater to global timezones. So please do check which timezone the class is running in before you book.

Agile Team Coach

Agile Team Coach

Accreditation: ICP-ACC
About: Gain professional coaching skills that will help your teams resolve blockers preventing them from success, and become an ICAgile Certified Agile Coach on the AWA Agile Team Coach course.

Agile Team Facilitator

Agile Team Facilitator

Accreditation: ICP-ATF
About: This course, focuses on the mindset showing you how to employ a range of tools and techniques that can be used for designing engaging in-the-room and online meetings that result in agreed outcomes.

Expert in Agile Coaching

Expert in Agile Coaching Cohort

Accreditation: ICE-AC (accredited shortly)
About: The Expert In Agile Coaching Cohort takes what you learnt in the Agile Coaching and Facilitating courses and goes much deeper into your application of these skills, tools, and techniques.

Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp

Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp

Accreditation: ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT
About: An interactive and advanced double ICAgile-Certified training course covering organisational development, leadership coaching, structural and process design, human change process and more.

Enterprise Agile Coach Expert Program

Enterprise Agile Coach Expert Program

Accreditation: ICE-EC
About: This program is for participants who are serious about advancing their enterprise agile coaching and leadership. You will be supported and challenged to move beyond leadership edges you’ve had difficulty crossing.

HR Professional

HR Professional

Accreditation: ICP-AHR
About: Explore concepts and strategies to apply Agile across your organisation. This includes organisational structure, empowering your people and the critical role of Human Resources in the transformation.


Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1)

Accreditation: CAL-E & CAL-O
About: A deep exploration into leadership, organisational change and culture. Discover the SHIFT314 unique approach to unlock organisational performance.


Certified Agile Leadership (CAL2)

Accreditation: CAL
About: An intense 3 days of deep exploration into leadership, organisational growth and the connection of culture to high-performance organisations.

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Master

Accreditation: CSM
About: A two-day Certified Scrum Master training course, is structured around the Scrum values, principles and practices, using a blend of lecture, interactive exercises, and participant dialogue.

The DevOps Way

The DevOps Way

Accreditation: ICP-FDO
About: The DevOps Way is a practitioner’s guide to understanding DevOps and how it helps you, and the enterprises you are part of, succeed at scale.

Agile Foundations

Agile Foundations

Accreditation: ICP
About: Start your journey towards Agile Mastery and use the Agile Mindset, values and principles to discern the right ways of agile working for your team and organisation.

Certified Product Owner

Certified Product Owner

Accreditation: CSPO
About: Explore the Scrum Framework and the role of the Product Owner with our Certified Trainer. We will cover topics including, agile values and principles practical application and more.


The AWA Training Pass is both time and money-saving. It gives access to our full range of training, placing a cost- effective, high-impact learning pathway at your feet. It also allows us to help you create bespoke training that matches your learning objectives and your budget. If you don’t see a pass that quite matches your needs please contact the AWA Team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and suitable options for you.



In this article, we share what we did to unlock transformative training classes online, how we make people feel safe online, how our online training compares to our in classroom courses, and why our online training courses are just as good as in-the-room!



We offer the best training classes and workshops for agile and lean mindset and mastery. By attending our courses you will learn from our world-class trainers, backed by in-depth, real-world experience and reputable certification bodies, including ICAgile and Scrum Alliance.



Community is at the heart of everything we do. We first started out as a meetup group in London in 2014. Today we run free events every month. Join us to experience world-class speakers, experiential interactive workshops and inspiring educational webinars and articles.

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Now that you have attended our Certified Scrum Master course you may be thinking about what’s next for your continual learning and improvement. Read our hand-picked suggestions for the next stage in your personal and professional development in coaching, training and facilitation.

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