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Agile Training Courses
with Adventures with Agile

Agile, Scrum & Leadership Training

Whether you’re looking for agile, lean or scrum training or to learn important agile coaching, leadership and management skills we have the course that will suit your needs. We offer some of the best agile training in this field, led by the some of the most respected and influential change experts in the world. Please book early as these courses are popular and usually sell out.

Why Train with AWA?

  • Preferential rates for our clients and partners, and group bookings
  • Flexible and cost-effective onsite training from scrum and kanban to leadership and coaching
  • Access to some of the most well-known and respected agile and lean thought leaders

Training Schedule

Certified Agile Leadership – 30th – 31st March [sold out]
with Michael Sahota

Certified Scrum Master – 5th – 6th April
with Tobias Mayer

Disciplined Agile – 13th April
with Simon Powers

Training from the BACK of the Room – 24th – 25th April
with Simon Powers & Ben Maynard

Clean Language for Agile Coaches – 27th – 28th April
with Judy Rees & Olaf Lewitz

Certified Agile Leadership – 18th – 19th May
with Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt

Certified Scrum Master – 8th – 9th June
with Tobias Mayer

Certified Agile Leadership – 19th – 20th June
with Michael Sahota

Certified LeSS Practitioner – 5th – 7th July
with Craig Larman

Certified Scrum Master – 17th – 18th July
with Tobias Mayer

The Agile Facilitator – 2nd – 3rd October
with Lyssa Adkins & Michael Hamman

Coaching Agile Teams  – 4th – 6th October
with Lyssa Adkins & Michael Hamman

Certified Scrum
Master Training

Become a Certified Scrum Master by attending this 2 day, immersive, power-point free workshop, with the highly respected and influential Certified Scrum Trainer Tobias Mayer.

Certified LeSS
Practitioner Training

Learn how to scale scrum with LeSS. Over 3 days you will learn how to scale scrum for large product development teams and important concepts including systems thinking, queuing theory and much more.

Certified Agile
Leadership Training

Certified Agile Leadership Training gives managers and coaches skills needed to foster success. We offer two Certified Agile Leadership courses, by Michael Sahota, Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt.