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We empower people with powerful tools and skills that make organisations succeed. Our agile training courses are not only proven to equip your teams and organisations with the critical skills needed to thrive in the face of rapidly changing market demands, but they are fun, interactive, and game-changing.

As the premier provider of agile training courses we offer both ICAgile Certified and Scrum Alliance Certified training, as well as bespoke agile workshops tailored to your specific needs. Please see this page if you want to know more about internal private training for teams, learning and development programs, and licensing.

The AWA difference

  • Our clients and partners recognise AWA for the high-quality, reputable, and impactful approach that delivers lasting results.
  • Our training sticks. We have thousands of hours of experience, a passion for relentless improvement, and use the latest adult learning techniques.
  • Participants leave our training with hands-on capabilities thanks to the highly interactive, ‘learn by doing’ training format.
  • Our faculty is an expert team of professional trainers, coaches and facilitators who actively work inside organisations, practicing what they teach.
  • We are the only training provider worldwide to offer the full learning pathway from Team to Enterprise Coach to ICAgile Certified Expert level.
Agile Coach Training Course

Agile Team Coach

Level: Intermediate
Accreditation: ICP-ACC
About: The course focuses primarily on the mindset, roles, and responsibilities of an Agile Coach. Gain professional coaching skills that will help teams resolve blockers preventing them from success and become certified in agile coaching.

Agile team facilitator - ATF

Agile Team Facilitator

Level: Intermediate
Accreditation: ICP-ATF
About: This course focuses on the mindset showing participants how to employ a range of tools and techniques that can be used for designing engaging in-the-room and online meetings that result in agreed outcomes.

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Visual Thinking for Coaches

Level: Suitable for all
Accreditation: N/A
About: Discover how to create visually engaging posters, templates for group coaching sessions and retrospectives and visual recordings or agendas that help make your meetings more engaging and accessible to all.


Systems Coaching and Thinking

Level: Advanced
About: This deeply experiential course develops systems thinkers and systems coaches capable of uncovering the organisation’s hidden problems. We explore real-world examples and practise using models, techniques, and tools to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp

Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp

Level: Advanced
About: An interactive and advanced double ICAgile-Certified training course covering organisational development, leadership coaching, structural and process design, human change process and more.


Advanced Agile Team Coach Cohort Program

Level: Advanced
About: The program significantly enhances participants’ knowledge of agile coaching by sharpening their expertise in the agile coaching competencies through in-depth exploration of the application of these skills, tools, and strategies.

Expert Enterprise Agile Coach ICE-EC

Enterprise Agile Coach Expert Program

Level: Advanced
About: This program is for participants who are serious about advancing their enterprise agile coaching and leadership. You will be supported and challenged to move beyond leadership edges you’ve had difficulty crossing.


Innovation and Leadership Mastery

Level: N/A
About: A “deliberately developmental” online program for change agents and leaders to partner with and learn from peers and colleagues whereby they stretch their thinking, the way they work, and create innovative solutions to complex problems.

Professional coaching

Inspire the human within, professional coaching

Level: Intermediate
About: A brand new professional coaching program for business leaders and change agents. This is for anyone who already works with business leadership and teams, who wishes to engage them more holistically and deeply. Click below to register your interest.

Certified Scrum Master CSM

Certified Scrum Master

Level: Foundation
About: A two-day Certified Scrum Master training course, is structured around the Scrum values, principles and practices, using a blend of lecture, interactive exercises, and participant dialogue.


The DevOps Way

Level: Foundation
About: The DevOps Way is a practitioner’s guide to understanding DevOps and how it helps you, and the enterprises you are part of, succeed at scale.


Certified LeSS Practitioner

Level: Intermediate
About: Become a Certified LeSS Practitioner with LeSS co-creator Craig Larman and explore a deep understanding of  Large-Scale Scrum, for agile development with many teams working together on one product.

Certified Agile Leadership CAL 1

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1)

Level: Intermediate
About: A deep exploration into leadership, organisational change and culture. Discover the SHIFT314 unique approach to unlock organisational performance.

Certified Agile Leadership CAL2

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL2)

Level: Advanced
About: An intense three days of deep exploration into leadership, organisational growth and the connection of culture to high-performance organisations.


Training From The BACK Of The Room (Virtual)

Level: Foundation

About: Explore the “Cognitive Neuroscience” to understand how humans learn best and discover 6 specific brain science principles to help learners fully engage.

Advanced Scrum Master ACSM

Advanced Certified Scrum Master

Level: Intermediate
This course is the next stage in the learning track for Scrum Masters who have completed and hold Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification.

Certified product Owner CSPO

Certified Product Owner

Level: Foundation
About: Explore the Scrum Framework and the role of the Product Owner with our Certified Trainer. We will cover topics including, agile values and principles practical application and more.

Agile Foundations ICP

Agile Foundations

Level: Foundation
Accreditation ICP
About: Start your journey towards Agile Mastery and use the Agile Mindset, values and principles to discern the right ways of agile working for your team and organisation.

Story Mapping-Deep Dive

Story Mapping Deep Dive

Level: Intermediate
Gain first-hand experience in product definition and discovery practices, and get a sense of product development as a discipline and profession.

Private team training

Teams that learn together grow together. Talk to us today about our transformative in-house training for your teams, tailored content to suit your context, so you teams can go deeper into the challenges they face within their team and across the organisation.

Save with the AWA Training Pass

Save time and money when you book multiple courses at the same time with the AWA Training Pass.  We wwork with you to create a training pathway that suits you, your team or your department at a cost that’s affordable for you. We can even arrange for training passes to be paid via instalments rather than one upfront payment. Passes are flexible, interchangeable and refundable.

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Discover experienced coaches’ favourite agile coaching questions

“Far from an instruction manual, this book is an inquisitive (maybe nosy) look at how a selection of coaches would reply to such a question.”
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