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Agile Training Courses

Are you looking to build confidence and competency in business agility, product, leadership, and change with a complete learning pathway? You have come to the right place! Our courses provide tangible results that develop the skills and capabilities your leaders and teams need to think creatively and rapidly innovate. By choosing AWA, you will go beyond learning. We don’t just teach skills; we integrate deep learning transfer with our world-class “learn by doing” approach. We can’t wait to meet you on a class or program soon!

Improve Team Performance and Product Delivery with World-Class Agile Leadership, Coaching, and Innovation Skills Training

ATC square ICP-ACC

Agile Team Coaching

Unlock the power of coaching, mentoring, and teaching techniques and gain invaluable skills to grow and inspire high performing teams.

ATF square (ICP-ATF)

Agile Facilitation Skills

Improve your ability to design and lead engaging meetings by adapting your approach in the moment, fostering collaboration and agreeing outcomes.

Enterprise coaching & change (ICP-CAT & ICP-ENT)

Enterprise Change Bootcamp

Gain the skills essential for leading and driving inclusive change that connects strategy to execution and delivers lasting impact.

Systems Thinking and Coaching

Employ system thinking skills to help teams understand complexity, revealing hidden issues, and visualising obstacles that stand in their way.

Product and Project Management Courses

Metrics Empowerment for Continuous Improvement

Use clear actionable metrics to better understand the system for continuous improvement

Agile Project & Delivery Management

Use agile techniques, skills, and an agile mindset to manage and delivery work and value iteratively.

Delivery at Scale

Apply agile delivery management skills to enterprise-level product development.


Discover, position, and deliver winning products in a competitive landscape 

Agile Mindset and Foundational Training

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Agile Team Foundations

Gain the agile skills and mindset that teams need to work better together.

Certified Scrum Master

Become a Certified Scrum Master and learn how to use the Scrum Framework

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Certified Scrum Product Owner

Become a Certified Scrum Product Owner and learn how to use Scrum

Certified Agile Product Owner

Equip yourself with the tools, techniques and mindset of an Agile Product Owner

Leadership Development Training

Entrepreneurship Accelerator

Master entrepreneurial skills to drive innovation and strategic leadership.

scrum alliance cal1 training with michael sahota

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1)

Become a Certified Agile Leader with Michael Sahota

Transformational Leadership

Gain confidence in navigating and leading through complex change.

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL2)

Become a Certified Agile Leader with Michael Sahota

Developmental Coaching Programs

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The Art of Professional Coaching in Business

For leaders, managers and change makers to learn how to use coaching to unlock human potential in business

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Advanced Enterprise Coach Program

For change makers, leaders and coaches who want to catalyse meaningful change across the enterprise

ice-ac program

Advanced Agile Coach Program

For leaders, managers and coaches who want to grow, lead and inspire high performing agile teams

Spiral Butterfly Retreat

For change agents who want to free themselves from stuck patterns and move past reactive behaviours

Upcoming public training courses

Enterprise Coach Bootcamp

with AWA CEO Simon Powers

Certified LeSS Practitioner

14 – 16 October

Agile Team Coach

15 – 19 July Online

People over process

Why Us?

We take you beyond learning

High-quality, reputable, and impactful agile training courses that deliver lasting results.

Our training sticks. We have thousands of hours of experience, a passion for relentless improvement, and use the latest adult learning techniques.

You’ll leave our training with hands-on capabilities thanks to the highly interactive, ‘learn by doing‘ training format.

Expert faculty of professional trainers, coaches and facilitators who actively work inside organisations, practising what they teach.
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Our Partners


ICAgile is the largest accreditation and certification body in the Agile industry.  
Each track on their in-depth learning roadmap combines training classes and demonstration of competency through a rigorous review programme. 

Sooner Safer Happier

In partnership with Sooner Safer Happier we bring you Team Foundations: Unlocking High Performance, merging our extensive experience in creating better ways of working with their focus on delivering better outcomes. Sooner Safer Happier offer a range of courses, including Kanban, that complement AWA’s offering which you can see over on their website.

Scrum Alliance

We’re a Scrum Alliance Endorsed Group.
The Scrum Alliance supplements the core Agile principles with the Code of Ethics.