How can we create inclusive workshops?

In our online meet up (postponed), inspirational facilitators Gemma Honour and Myron Parks explored how to create inclusive workshops using neuroscience.

Gemma is a Visual Facilitator,  Agile Coach and Visual Thinker. Myron is an Agile Coach, Enterprise Strategic Agilist and US Navy Veteran. Together they are passionate about the neuroscience of engagement and creating fun, interactive, and inclusive communication experiences.

create inclusive workshops

Why should we create inclusive workshops?

Right now, innovation is more important than ever before and organisations must adapt quickly. We must include people of all neurotypes in order to ensure continuous change and innovation.

How can we do this? The answer is to foster cultures where everyone feels heard. Where innovative, world-changing ideas can thrive. This is crucial. Our world and our organisations must change and change fast. In order for this to happen, we need to recognise that neurodiversity is a reality and embrace it wholeheartedly.

Neuroscience provides coaches and facilitators with important insights into how our brains function and respond to different activities. Different neurotypes can drive different behaviours. In order to build an inclusive culture, we need to understand and take into account everyone’s neurotype when designing meetings, workshops, and communities. (ADHD is a perfect example of this). 

What you can expect from this interactive online meetup

  • Understand more about ADHD from someone who lives with it
  • Understand how facilitators can use tools and techniques to create spaces that work well for different neurotypes, in particular ADHD
  • Explore “Neurochemical Cocktails” for inclusive workshops
  • Understand how your techniques can actually change the brain chemistry of the people in the room to get the results they need to get to!
  • Practise curating a more inclusive experience
  • This is not just a talk. It’s interactive with lots of fun and learning

Watch the webinar here.


  • Describe how neurodivergence, in particular ADHD creates a creative lens for innovation and digital transformation
  • Discuss how you can leverage neurochemical states to prime everyone for collaboration & creativity (particularly focussed on ADHD)
  • Use play-based techniques and visual techniques to help ALL participants (including those with ADHD)
  • Come away with a workshop of your own design that you can use for your teams

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