Creating an Environment for Change


We’re excited to welcome Arif and Connie to share their story about how they created an environment for meaningful and sustainable change with a team at Cancer Research UK.

This is a story about how we worked with a team to create an environment for change and our journey along the way. It’s about how we created empathy, challenged ways of working, and built trust. We helped a team to learn new skills and techniques to better enable them to deal with an ever-changing complex environment

We want to share with you why this work is hard and why it’s important. We also want to share some tools and techniques that we found really helpful for creating psychological safety because we believe this was what enabled us to create an environment for meaningful and sustainable change

And the best bit….the team weren’t even developing software!

Please join us and hear about our story, we’re super excited to share it with you and would love to get your thoughts too!!



About the Facilitators

Connie van Zanten

At Cancer Research UK, I am part of a team that wants to change the way we work. My role is all about building relationships with people to help make “digital” work for them, so that we are always putting our supporters first, testing new ideas before we launch them and spending our time and energy in the most important place. My role is about driving meaningful, sustainable organisational change and building an environment that values outcomes over outputs.

Arif Bobat

I’m an experienced and passionate Scrum Master/Coach, I enjoy mentoring, coaching and improving teams. I’m super enthusiastic about embedding a culture of continuous improvement wherever I work and I especially enjoy helping to create and nurture safe, positive and trusting team environments. I thrive in challenging environments as they are ideal conditions for growth, and throughout my experience, I always bring energy and enthusiasm to any role I’ve undertaken. I’m constantly looking for opportunities to test out my ideas, serve teams and ensure that I leave a lasting and positive impact wherever I go.

I was recently interviewed by the Scrum Master Toolbox and I also help out at the London Scrum Clinics, an initiative started by Tobias Mayer



18:00 – 18:45: Arrivals
18:45 – 20:00: Talk
20:00 – 20:15: Q&As
20.00 – 20.45: Networking & Pizza

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