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It’s About Culture, Mindset… Leadership & Coaches Turning Up Differently

We caught up with Shannon Ewan, the managing director of ICAgile to talk about ICAgile’s Enterprise Agile Coaching Track. Shannon and Simon talk about the importance of “culture, mindset.. leadership and coaches turning up differently”.

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Here’s a brief summary of what Simon and Shannon covered:
  • What certification means
  • The difference between knowledge-based and competence-based levels of certification
  • Demonstrating competency
  • The ICAgile Enterprise Coaching track
  • AWA Global as an Enterprise Coaching program provider
  • Learning Objectives and contributors for the Enterprise Coaching track
  • How things have evolved over the last few years (what has worked and what hasn’t)
  • Looking at the entire organisation (instead of separate parts) to address the problems in current organisations
  • Raising the bar for thinking behind learning objectives to improve the quality of classes and programs
  • A curriculum sourced from industry experts, tailored by course designers
  • The influence of Training from the Back of the Room
  • How to find out about the ICAgile Enterprise Coaching track and different classes
  • What impact do AWA want to have on the world with these classes and programs?
  • AWW plans to expand to further regions around the world
  • The agile community

Culture & Mindset are the special sauce

“We really strongly believe that the mindset and culture are that special sauce that the frameworks miss. Because we talk about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts and there is a lot of value to the frameworks that are out there to execute agile on teams today. However, just adding additional teams and teams-of-teams, running a certain framework is not enough to truly transform… The change has to come from within people.”

Shannon Ewan

“Absolutely… A framework gives us a great starting place, but without the mindset and the understanding of process design, the understanding of what it means to relate to people and show up differently so the interactions are better and more collaborative, then we need to have a deep understanding of what it means to have that mindset, so that we can adapt the processes in the right way.”

Simon Powers

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