Enterprise Agile Bootcamp Locations

Enterprise Agile Bootcamp Locations

Our Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp locations are run across the globe, with international attendees, in different locations.

Throughout 2023, the Bootcamp has been (Bangkok) and will run in the following locations, with these excellent hosts…

Enterprise Agile Bootcamp Locations

  • London with Georg Fasching  (ICF-ACC)
  • Copenhagen with John Inge Hervik (ICF PCC, Head of Coaching AWA Norge)
  • Oslo with John Inge Hervik (ICF PCC, Head of Coaching AWA Norge)
  • Bangkok with Simon Powers  (ICE-EC, Author of Change. AWA CEO)

Learn more

Hop over to our course page to find out more about the Enterprise Agile Bootcamp. This is an advanced-level course, combining the ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agility Masterclass (ICP-ENT) and Enterprise Agile Coaching (ICP-CAT) classes into an intensive training experience.

Visit YouTube to hear for yourself what our attendees thought of the course in their video testimonials.


Skills you will gain on the Enterprise Agile Bootcamp

  • Know how to engage and help managers, leaders, and other areas outside of delivery teams, including coaching and advising skills to improve leadership relationships and effectiveness.
  • Get the skills, tools, and techniques you need to coach a large group during a organisational change.
  • Describe how to design systems that support high performance, customer focus, and agility.
  • Examine how different structures, processes, and leadership qualities affect psychological safety, as well as our current levels of emotional intelligence and our ability to create and maintain safe spaces.
  • Explore the limits of your own identity, decision-making, and meaning-making capabilities.
  • Gain skills, tools, and techniques to overcome dysfunctions like handoffs and waste.
  • Use Lean concepts to optimise an organisation for adaptability, flow of value and feedback.
  • Demonstrate how work is split across the organisation, where the bottlenecks are, and how to improve flow in a way that leaders understand
  • Know how to write good experiments and understand the difference between experiments in a closed and predictable system and those in a complex and open system.
  • Create and use metrics (OKRs etc) in a way that shows whether experiments are moving towards real business outcomes.
  • Know how to identify and talk about systemic barriers to agility and what to do to remove them.
  • Guide large groups/teams of people towards better organisational structures that support the organisational goals.
  • Explore different models for discussing culture and the link to structure and leadership.
  • Identify and overcome resistance systematically. Unlock insights, models, and techniques to help people understand what change means to them.
  • Explain how to use the AWA Enterprise Change Pattern, a non-prescriptive approach for rapidly transforming an organisation to achieve its goals. 




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