Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp – Combining Two Halves of One Picture

What is it?

The 5-day Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp is a double certified training course, combining our Enterprise Agility Masterclass and Coaching for Enterprise Agility course that cover ICAgile’s Enterprise Coaching Track. Earlier this Summer we ran the Enterprise Agile Coach bootcamp to a fantastic and experienced class in NYC.

Why have you combined the two course?

More than any other track in the ICAgile learning roadmap, the two Enterprise courses make up two halves of one picture. It seemed natural to combine them so learners could see the whole picture of Enterprise Agility in one go.

Simon has a wealth of personal experience to share and genuinely cares about everyone learning. The bootcamp with all the material is the way to go – Indra Books – Director of Agile Transformation

Is anything lost due to combining two 3-day courses into one 5-day bootcamp?

Amazingly no. When we first thought to put the courses together, we thought we would just put them together and combine some of the exercises. But in fact what happened was a complete rewrite of the flow for the 5-days.

We spend time at the beginning of every class getting to know each other, creating a training alliance, and establishing the best outcomes for everyone. Things like this only need to be done once on the 5-day bootcamp so this saves time. Also, the assessments at the end of the class are combined but are deeper as they cover more material.

Do people get tired and stop learning on a 5-day bootcamp?

There is a lot of new information in these classes and it is tiring, however, the bootcamp has been designed using a neuro scientific approach to training that leverages the natural way our brains rest and learn. There are lots of activities that get us up and about. As well a quiet time to reflect and take notes.

There is a natural rhythm to the bootcamp that restores as much as it tires everyone, including me.

There is a lot of talk about mindset as well as tools. Are there practical things I can take away from the class as well as theory?

Every day is packed with new skills, tools, and new models that we have created to make transformation to enterprise agility easier. These are tools that can be taken away, used with teams, and that get results immediately.

The tools and skills enable learners to engage with leadership in an effective way, create the right structures to facilitate large-scale collaboration, and move culture towards self-organisation and high-performing teams.

What feedback have you had so far?

The feedback is what makes it all worthwhile for me. It has been overwhelmingly positive, with people reporting that they have new hope in their work. Both in the bootcamp, and the individual 3-day courses, there have been astonishing stories of people who had given up on ever making a difference, and then going back to their organisation with a different view, making real headway in improving the work and the way people approach it and actually enjoying their jobs again.

“…has increased my confidence in the ability to communicate the value to executives on the journey toward increased agility and confidence in the ability to facilitate movement across the enterprise toward that agility” – Angela Leeds

How to book?

The Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp can be run as public course or in-house session, worldwide. Please book over on the Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp page.

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