Enterprise Agility Masterclass – a new course by AWA

Are you working as a coach, change agent or leader in an organisation that’s moving to agile ways of working?

Do any of these challenges resonate with you?:

– Finding the right people of influence and engaging them in such a way that effects real change?

– Finding it hard to get changes to stick?

If so then the ICAgile-Accredited Enterprise Agility Masterclass is here to help!

people over process, the change must come from within the people

What you will learn:

Agile in Context
Why and how agile works and its place in the wider context of organisational change. You will be able to determine whether agile will work in a given context and the investment it needs.

Create high-levels of trust that is needed for high-performing teams.
Overcome common frustrations and build connections with your colleagues, by learning communication skills that enable equal voice, team emotional intelligence, and psychological safety for your teams.

Systems thinking and complexity
Learn how organisational structure impacts your desired agile ways of working,  why departments outside of IT, e.g. marketing / finance, are having an impact, causing delays and how you can solve this.

Engaging leadership
Gain the communication and listening skills required to connect with people who have the right level of influence. Be engaging for them so that you are able to affect the right changes for improvement.

Lean Waste
Overcome common dysfunctions like handoffs and waste. You will learn how to design a system that supports high-performance, customer focus, and facilitates agility.

Moving from Silo Teams
Learn techniques to help, leadership, management, and teams understand how to move away from silo structures to more dynamic team structures resulting in less delay, fewer dependencies, and better products.

Scaling frameworks
We’ll compare and contrast the popular frameworks and assess what would work in a given context and how you can create your own to suit your organisation’s needs.

… plus a whole lot more. Continue reading below to see the course’s full agenda we will cover during the 3 days.

This training is the top of the jigsaw puzzle that you didn’t realise you needed in order to understand the wider picture. “ Sarah –  Scrum Master


  1. Protocols for Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI)
  2. Who are you? – A look at identity
  3. Complexity and systems thinking – going beyond Cynefin
  4. Organisational culture and structure
  5. Engaging leadership in conversation about culture
  6. Executive coaching, mentoring, facilitating for leadership development
  7. Executive teams
  8. Enterprise Agility
  9. Business agility
  10. Principles and patterns for organisation design
  11. Lean
  12. Process and Process improvement
  13. Agile frameworks for scaling
  14. Measuring performance and governance
  15. Technical craftsmanship
  16. Sustainability in health of an agile enterprise

Who would benefit from attending?

  • Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Agile Consultants, Change management professionals, Organisational Design professionals, Heads of Transformation, Leadership.
  • Anyone who wants to succeed as an Agile Coach.
  • Anyone who wants to get a deep understanding of Agile transformation.

“Excellent, thought-provoking, fascinating class” – Andrew – Agile Coach

Is this course certified?

Enterprise Agility Masterclass is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) as fulfilling all Learning Objectives in the Agility in the Enterprise track. After successful completion of Enterprise Agility Masterclass, you will be eligible for the ICAgile Certified Professional-Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT) certification. This continuing education certification is a key step toward achieving the ICAgile Certified Expert-Enterprise Agile Coaching (ICE-EC) designation the industry’s first competence-based certification for Enterprise Agile Coaching. Learn more at ICAgile.

When’s the next course?

see all dates and locations here

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