Enterprise Agility Report 2019

AWA, Raconteur & The Times

Adventures with Agile is delighted to bring you the “Enterprise Agility Report 2019.” This report is the latest in-depth look at pivotal topics concerning the state of agile transformation and innovation today.

Published in The Times, this 20-page special report is a must have for any business leader wanting to understand how their organisations can continue to meet today’s challenges – and prepare for tomorrow’s.


  • An independent, journalistic take on the current state of enterprise agility and the role leadership plays.
  • A candid look at spotting “Fake Agile” and what companies can do to embrace and achieve true agility.
  • An overview of the relationship between agile and traditional partnerships like outsourcing.
  • A detailed review of why agile transformations fail, and what you can do to avoid resistance and make your program succeed, featuring commentary from AWA’s chief exec and founder, Simon Powers.


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We use the AWA Playbook for Organisational Agility that is built on a people-first approach. Whilst other organisations typically have an idea of what is right for their clients and their approach is often to take frameworks and pre-conceived ideas about agility and apply them to any context, we instead focus on a coaching and facilitative approach to co-create a new way of working based on your context.


Companies that have engaged in our coaching programmes see palpable return on their investment, in the form of:

  • High-performing, engaged teams with the mindset and skills to innovate in the face of continual change.
  • Ability to adjust priorities as needed, at lower cost.
  • Alignment across teams and departments, improved communication and a strong sense of shared purpose. 
  • Higher employee retention.
  • Faster delivery of products, with fewer defects.
  • Happier customers.
enterprise agility report