the enterprise change pattern in action

The Enterprise Change Pattern in Action

We recently collaborated with our sister company, Bryter Work and Discover Financial Services to run an in-person Meetup in London. It was terrific to finally hold an in-person event again after 3 years! During the evening, we took part in a real-time collaborative mega-game, exploring cross-team collaboration. This was a great way to see the Enterprise Change Pattern in action. It demonstrated how the ECP (our proven strategy to achieve lasting organisational change) can be used to increase ownership, reduce risk, and result in a perfect fit of change to context. 

There were many familiar faces taking part, along with plenty of new ones. It’s safe to say that we all learned a lot. For example, did you know that Humboldt penguins typically eat 10-14% of their body weight in fish every day and are regularly stolen from zoos? None of us will forget adorable little Harriet…

What did we learn from seeing the Enterprise Change Pattern in action?

Change is hard and it feels uncomfortable, especially at first. However, this fun mega-game is a great way to make sure that everyone gets a say and feels excited and motivated by organisational change (rather than anxious and uncomfortable). It also illustrates how collaborative change leads to successful outcomes. In fact, by collaborating and experimenting with different ways of working, we achieved a 495% improvement in score over just 3 rounds of the game!

“This was a lot of fun and a great way to learn. Thank you to everyone for putting this together. Looking forward to more in-person meet-ups.”

Nigel Mahoney

Head over to Bryter Work to find out more about the Agile Animalia zoo game or request a copy. And if you’re interested in running a workshop like this in your organisation, Bryter Work can help facilitate this.

Alternatively, if you’re a coach who would like to know more about the Enterprise Change Pattern, consider joining our next Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp. The Bootcamp looks at the ECP in-depth. It also explores how to use the ECP to help your organisation to solve its problems.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

And finally, Carl Rogers’ brand new workshop Designing Agile Learning Games for Transformative Impact is now available. Find out more and book your place here.

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