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In today’s world, having an entrepreneurial mindset is no longer optional—it’s essential. Employers are increasingly on the lookout for people who can think like entrepreneurs. In fact, around 50% of job ads now specifically seek this quality*.

Are you a change-maker or product leader wanting to adopt a more entrepreneurial approach? Do you strive to balance innovation with risk confidently? Is your company’s culture hindering your ability to make decisive, impactful decisions?

Entrepreneurs excel at navigating risk. They balance it with the potential for profit and growth while efficiently managing costs. But achieving this balance within a corporate environment brings unique challenges.

With AWA CEO Simon Powers by your side, we’ll help you cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. You’ll enhance your ability to engage and add value to stakeholders. We’ll guide you through common obstacles and help refine your skills and mindset for success in roles demanding innovative product leadership. You’ll be empowered to serve your stakeholders more effectively and discover new ways to achieve your goals.

Ready to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey? Join us today and transform your approach to leadership.

90% of executives surveyed by Deloitte acknowledge the critical importance of cultivating an intrapreneurial culture for maintaining competitiveness and unleashing innovation.

What you’ll gain

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Embrace both freedom and responsibility to drive success.
  • Risk Assessment: Learn to balance risk, profit, and growth in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Make ethically grounded and strategically sound decisions aligned with stakeholder interests.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Build key qualities to navigate the unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship.
  • Cultural Insights: Understand the unique challenges and opportunities within corporate hierarchies.
  • Self-Management: Enhance your personal effectiveness in product development.
  • Mindfulness Techniques: Stay present and focused to build trust and rapport with stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder Analysis: Identify key individuals and groups, and understand their needs, interests, and influence on product development.

The agenda

How do I manage myself?

  • Creating the environment for success
  • Coaching and listening skills
  • A language for expression
  • Being present, focused, and engaged

The Power Within

  • The glowing light
  • Self-care and inner strength
  • Amplifying purpose and meaning
  • Ownership and getting it done
  • What’s blocking you?

Amplifying the power

  • Lean start-up in a corporate setting
  • Experiments
  • Discovery practices
  • Building your trusted team
  • Your extended team. Business is relationships.
  • Your entrepreneurship stance

How do I manage others?

  • Who are the right people?
  • Presence and consent
  • Saying no
  • Creating the right relationships

How does it work?

3 half day programme

Underpinned by the AWA Capability Cube for transforming learning from the inside out though 3-dimensional learning, this extended learning program will support you through vertical growth and depth learning through experiential training. 

When will it run?

The Workshop: new dates coming soon

How much is it?

£1200 + VAT
(VAT not applicable for non-UK businesses)

What will I receive?

  • Access to AWA Learning Portal
  • Slack Community of Entrepreneurs and Leaders
  • AWA Certificate recognising your commitment to continuous learning and improvement 

Your program leader

simon powers

Meet Simon Powers

AWA CEO + Program Creator and Lead

Over the last 20 years, Simon has dedicated his life to innovating new ways of working and encouraging others to do the same so that we can overcome today’s challenges.  He has extensive experience working with leaders to improve their organisations, meet their objectives, and create productive and happy work environments.

Simon has worked across many industries including banking, financial services, retail, manufacturing, charity, oil and gas, and public sector helping leaders, and by extension, departments and whole organisations, build the capability they need to navigate complexity. Simon is passionated about developing leaders by helping them create the right environments, cultures, and structures, to safely empower large numbers of people to achieve the right outcome for the organisation.

Simon is the author of the book Change – The Practitioners Guide to Enterprise Coaching and invented the Agile Onion, The Agile Mindset beliefs, The Enterprise Change Pattern, as well as many other models and tools to help organisations achieve their outcomes

Imagine the kind of impact you could have after going through this programme

Innovative Thinking

Nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset encourages innovative thinking, fostering the development of unique solutions and approaches within the corporate context.

Balanced Risk + Innovation

Proficient risk strategy implementation allows for a balanced approach, fostering innovation while mitigating potential risks in the product development process.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Decision-making focused on stakeholders cultivates positive relationships, leading to increased satisfaction and support for the entrepreneurial initiatives.

Better Team Dynamics

Mastering stakeholder engagement sharpens communication, fostering a work environment where empathy and active listening prevail. This boosts team dynamics and paves the way for effective conflict resolution and consensus building.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Learning to navigate difficult conversations and unspoken needs enhances the organisation’s ability to make collaborative decisions. This approach to problem-solving encourages innovation, driving the business forward with solutions that are both inclusive and effective.

Improved Engagement

An entrepreneurial culture fosters a sense of ownership and autonomy, leading to higher engagement levels. Resulting in improved job satisfaction and retention rates, as employees are more invested in the company’s success and their role within it.

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