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This page lists all of the public events that we are running for the AWA community. Most of these events are free to attend subject to our attendance policy. If you wish to attend an event, you will need to join our meetup group and choose the event(s) you wish to attend.

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28th April
4:30 PM BST

Escape Worn-Out Meeting Formats in 3 Simple Moves

Host: Judy Rees

So, you want to find ways to engage your online groups that will keep on working through 2021 and beyond. In this session, Judy will share the bite-sized, super-concentrated version, with 3 simple moves that you can make, straight away, to escape worn-out meetings and make being with people fun again.


6:00 PM BST

From Command and Control to Align and Enable

Host: Myles Downey

Command and Control is still the default leadership/management approach – but it no longer fits the needs of the business nor the people who work in them. Align and Enable sets a new model and standard – Lead – Manage – Coach – which strives to ensure that both organisation and individual profit from work.


6:00pm BST

Taming Wicked Issues: Agile Response to Complex Change

Host: Glenda Eoyang

Agile is more than just tools and processes. It is the way you and your team engage with complex change. The more you know about complex change, the more “agile-ability” you will have to tame the Wicked Issues it creates. In this session, you will, recognize issues that have no sustainable solution and understand the mechanics of complex change


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6:00 PM GMT

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