Attendance Policy for Public Events

The Policy

Thank you for reading this policy. People are at the heart of what we do. That means you! Community is about people, and people make a community.

When we are all online and can’t meet personally, community is even more important. Being part of a community has many rewards but also there are responsibilities. We would like to outline one of these responsibilities that you have when agreeing to attend one of our events.

We run our free events through for now. This means that you need to click and choose to attend. Once you have done this, we will assume you are going to attend.

If you choose not to attend for any reason, your responsibility is to click to change your attendance preference to show that you are not attending. We would like you to do this at least 4 hours before the event starts.

Please let us know in advance if you are not going to attend.

What is the impact?

Even though our events are free, they take a huge amount of organisation, preparation, and emotional dedication to run. When people say they will attend but do not this has the following impact:

Online events:

  • Many of our events have waitlists. By not turning up you are depriving someone else of a space
  • When the actual numbers are less that we have advertised and people have missed out, our credibility for having a good turnout is diminished and this reduces our chances of getting top tier presenters in the future
  • Many of the activities that presenters arrange are based upon the number of people attending, this can have an adverse effect on activities and the learning experience of those who do attend
  • There is a lot of emotional preparation that goes in to presenting at any event, and when people do not show up without warning, it can be a let down for those presenting.
  • Not showing up creates a more shallow space and shows a disrespect for other people’s time. Many of our topics deepen our connection to our work and to each other, this is hard when members do not show up.
  • Our events are recorded and content from our videos can be used and shared across our social media channels, website and commercial spaces. By joining and attending our events you agree for us to use the image and video content recorded.

Thank you for following this simple rule. We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

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