How to Build Real Agile Coaching Mastery

Building Competence and Expertise


Are you thinking about applying for the Agile Team Coach Cohort Program (ICE-AC) and curious about what it could mean for your career and your coaching journey? Then we invite you to join this open Q&A webinar on the 14th December at 6pm till 6:30pm.

We know that knowledge acquisition alone is not enough. As a coach, you need to be able to demonstrate your competence too. The Agile Team Coach Cohort Program addresses this gap by providing agile coaches with a safe space in which to grow their mastery and become truly competent. 

Research shows that people learn better in close-knit communities, where they can learn, practice, get feedback and repeat this process over time.  Our unique cohort format provides numerous opportunities for learning and growth, so coaches can keep up with innovations in agile practices, achieve depth and measurable competence, and consciously develop their speciality areas. This March, we will start our second 8-month cohort program, which, we are excited to announce, will include an in-person residential in Portugal.

If you’re curious about how to build real agile coaching mastery and whether the cohort program is right for you then join us on the 14th December. Program Leads and Program Co-Creators David Lowe and Rafa Ribeiro will be here to answer your questions and discuss how this program will help you in achieving your goals.

We hope you will join us to learn more.


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