Futureproof Your Employability

How to Futureproof Your Employability Through the Super Skills of Agility

The modern workplace is characterised by constant change and disruption. To stay employable, workers need to be agile. That is, they must be able to swiftly adapt to fluctuating situations and handle uncertainties. By developing key skills of adaptability, critical thinking, and learning, you can futureproof your career.

Embrace Change and Discomfort

The first super skill of agility is getting comfortable with change. It sounds simple, but this can bring up strong feelings such as anxiety and trigger imposter syndrome. Start to seek out assignments that force you outside your comfort zone and build your change tolerance muscle. Rather than resisting change, view it as an opportunity for growth. 

Critical Thinking and Innovation

With business conditions rapidly evolving, the ability to scrutinise options, anticipate outcomes, and create novel solutions becomes mandatory. To be able to exercise skills such as critical thinking and creative problem-solving, you and your team need to feel psychologically safe. Both the Agile Team Coaching  (ICP-ACC) and Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF) courses can help you gain the skills to cultivate a safe, supportive and collaborative atmosphere where teams can thrive and contribute their best.

Continuous Learning Mindset

Every day is a school day! Learning doesn’t stop at graduation. Adopt a growth mentality, focused on relentlessly upskilling yourself. Identify emerging in-demand agile skills in your industry and undertake training via online courses, workshops and bootcamps. Set quarterly learning goals and share your progress with peers to stay accountable.

By intently focusing on adaptability, critical thinking, and continuous upskilling, you can build career resilience regardless of external changes. Turn agility into your superpower. Boldly volunteer for stretch assignments and gain skills like agile coaching and facilitation that let you bring teams together and guide them through uncertainty. The future rewards those who can rapidly respond to its demands.

Next, find out why agile coaching skills are essential in the evolving world of work.

Upskill to Futureproof Your Employability

Gain skills like coaching and facilitation with the following engaging and interactive courses:
A new program for an entrepreneurial mindset

Being entrepreneurial is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a critical skill that employers are actively seeking. Around 50% of all job ads ask applicants to demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset.

NEW: Entrepreneurship Accelerator for Product Leaders & Change Agents

This power-packed two-month program will kick off with a 3-day online workshop. It’s run in a cohort format… designed to help you master the entrepreneurial mindset. You’ll work with our CEO, Simon Powers, to stride that tightrope of balancing risk and reward. You’ll do this through application work and four integration calls.

Develop the confidence to embrace freedom and responsibility. Nail the sweet spot between risk, profit, and growth. And make ethical decisions that drive the business forward. You’ll build stakeholder trust and rapport while boosting innovative thinking.

Understand & use metrics to engage your stakeholders

Metrics are pivotal for cultivating strong stakeholder relationships and product success. However, understanding how to effectively use metrics is crucial. Otherwise, the numbers become mere noise… leaving you feeling stuck while failing to convince stakeholders. This is where our expertise proves invaluable.

We adopt a partnership approach, guiding and supporting you. Our aim is to help you decipher data and make informed product decisions that inspire stakeholder confidence.

We can help in the following ways.

Subject Matter Expert Support
Working hand-in-hand with you, we’ll identify your problems and co-create solutions together.

1/2 Day Clinics & Masterclasses
Our private workshops focus on YOUR products and organisation. We can deliver these individually or as part of a programme of learning to get your organisation to the next level.

One client experienced a remarkable 97% acceleration to market after partnering with us. Imagine the transformative impact this could have on your organisation.

Take the first step towards unlocking your product potential through the strategic use of metrics. Reach out to start our partnership.

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