About Us

AWA makes people’s working lives better, reduces suffering in the workplace, and provides hope and practical applicable solutions for individuals, teams, and whole organisations to thrive in the face of a rapidly changing and complex world.

Our purpose is to ease the restructuring of organisations to meet current market demands by focusing on people first through a coaching and facilitative approach. We believe every organisation has the ability to be an amazing place to work, bring innovative and relevant products and services to market and find a sustainable profitable balance with its competitors and the planet.

We do this through training, certification, workshops, systemic, team, and personal coaching, as well as through our global community network.

Our business community is at the heart of everything we do. It is the backbone that joins people together for real meetups, enlightening articles and videos, experiential practice sessions, and for sharing experience and asking for help.

We work inside organisations as coaches and trainers, applying our extensive experience, to change culture, invite growth mindsets, and provide practical solutions to structure and process design.

AWA is a global community, coaching, and training company with headquarters in London, major operations in the US and Europe, and we travel to the rest of the world. We are just over 5 years old; we are on average about 20-40 people collaborating, training, and coaching at any one time, and we are expanding every year.

You can find videos of our community meetups on our YouTube channel, and can follow our community blog on our website.

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