How Agile Team Coach training will impact the way you work

As many of you will know from attending our agile training courses, we like to give a feedback form at the end so we can hear what went well and what went less well. We can’t emphasise enough how much we appreciate this feedback, as it’s a vital source of information that facilitates our improvement. One of the questions we like to ask is ‘what impact do you think the course will have on the work you do?’ We’ve been rapidly accruing a huge store of answered impacts to this question, delivered by dozens of attendees every week.

What I’ve done for this article is pick three common themes that seemed to appear often, and select a couple reported impacts for each theme. This’ll give you a taste of the impact our Agile Team Coach course can have on the way you work, as reported by the course participants themselves. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

The course helped me become a better listener
  • “It will help me to take more time to really listen to the team and empower them to come up with solutions to improve their teamwork”
  • “It has definitely made me a better listener, it taught me the power of silence”
This class has changed how I coach
  • “It has changed my view from feeling like I have to solve all the issues, it has given me tools to coach rather than mentor/consult”
  • “It will help not only my team but the entire department as the concepts I’ve learnt are transferable and can be used with multiple teams”
The course will help me achieve better business results
  • “Improve relationships within my team, hopefully boosting the ‘psychological safety’ within the team, leading to better results”
  • “I will be focusing on people. Build and coach people, to in turn, build teams & better performance”

If you’re reading this thinking ‘get me on this course immediately it sounds awesome’ then luckily for you, we run our Agile Team Coach training every month. Our next one is 20th – 22nd February which you can sign-up to here. If you book that class now you can even save £150 using our Early Bird rate. Or you can see all our upcoming Agile Team Coach classes here.

Absolutely brilliant course – it should be made mandatory for all people/project/agile managers. Inspiring, empowering, educational.” – Rozalia Jaki, Executive Producer

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