How The Way We Coach Impacts The Success Of Our Clients / Projects

Being a coach can be challenging. There is no set formula. Sometimes the coach needs to guide the system. Sometimes the coach needs to consciously shape and hold the space of events so the system finds its own way. Coaches need to develop a broad range and an ability to discern, in the moment, how to show up. Being able to dance fluidly between the extremes of the coaching range, depending on the context, the relationship and the emotions in the system, is a craft that we as coaches will never cease to explore and refine.

For the third instalment of our Large Scale Facilitation workshops, we thought that we could explore this topic together 🙂 The session will be co-facilitated by ORSC practitioners and systemic Coaches, Philippe Guenet, Nairy McMahon and Scott Cable.


The session will allow us to work with something very personal, explore our own range and raise awareness of the diversity that is out there in the community.

The discussion will reveal the successes and limitations we have experienced from the different stances that we all have occupied as coaches.

It will also allow us to reflect on our own personal development – how we got to where we are today and how we might want to develop.

In short:

  • Where do we operate along the coaching range?
  • Where we feel most comfortable – and why?
  • Where do we see the most desirables outcomes occurring?
  • How might it help us having a greater awareness of these different ways of being?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring – so if your interest is piqued, you know what to do!


We will explore this topic using the Meta-Skills Wheel, which is one of the great tools in large scale facilitation. In systems coaching, we refer to Meta-Skills as an elevated perspective to access the system and as an intentional stance on how we show up. Being intentional about Meta-Skills strengthens the ability to work with the whole system and navigate the coaching range with fluidity. For this session, our coaches will offer education about Meta-Skills and will use the Meta-Skill Wheel as a large scale facilitation exercise for you to experience.


  • Be able to consciously navigate through different coaching stances
  • Explore how to “dance” in these different stances
  • Learn about Meta-skills, how to apply them in your coaching and how to use them with teams using the Meta-Skills wheel
  • Show how LSF allows for those moments of co-creation and self-actualisation


18:00 – 18:45: Arrivals, Welcome & Pizza
18:45 – 20:00: The session
20:00 – 20:30: debrief, closing

When: 25th April from 6pm
Where: Moo in Farringdon
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