How to Become an Expert in Agile Coaching


It’s not enough to call yourself an agile coach anymore. In an increasingly competitive market, prospective clients and employers alike are looking for practitioners who offer that edge, who have invested in honing their craft and have the experience to back it up. Those that have stepped up and are recognised as experts have worked hard to earn one of our industry’s toughest designations. But what does it take to get there? And do you have what is needed?

The advantages of becoming an expert in agile training are also aplenty. Let us see a few:

  • Train to gain more recognition and influence over the whole of your industry.
  • Expert Trainers gain more credibility for their program and can stand out as the best.
  • Training grows your network, which will help in the further establishment of the business.

What to expect from the e-book

Our free EBook uncovers what you need to become an Expert in Agile Training, exploring:

  • Six things you need to get started
  • The Agile Coaching competencies
  • Interview with David Lowe (Cohort Trainer)
  • The learning pathway to expert
  • Interview with Louria Lindauer (Cohort Trainer)
  • What is the role of the Agile Coach?
  • The AWA guide to journaling
  • Interview with Rafael Ribeiro (Cohort Trainer)
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Meet your Program Leads
  • Becoming an Expert

This Expert In Agile Coaching Cohort is all about trying, testing, failing and learning. You won’t become an expert by sitting on a bench and only reading the theory. You need to get out there and do it! This program gives you that opportunity to not just learn but experiment too. We will provide you with quests to go out there and try with your teams, knowing that you have the full support of the cohort by your side.

What will you learn?

With this e-book and by joining our Expert in Agile Coaching Cohort Program, you will sharpen your expertise and mastery in five different competencies becoming proficient in:

  • Professional Coaching –Skilfully establish trust with your clients and zero in on their agenda resulting in outcomes that resonate and provides a clear way to forward their goals.
  • Facilitation –Masterfully create bespoke agile practices that not only embody the agile values and mindset but are contextual to your teams’ needs. Confidently hold space for your teams to co-create, decide and move forward in meetings that engage and inspire everyone.
  • Mentoring –Confidently surface conflict and other complex situations and expertly help your teams navigate them. Masterfully differentiate between different teams’ maturity, discern what their needs are and confidently provide them with options that will help solve their challenges.
  • Training –Expertly relay new concepts and techniques in engaging ways that enable deeper understanding with learning that sticks. Refined confidence in knowing when a team needs your leadership rather than holding space for them to make their own decisions.
  • Navigating the roles –Skilfully and smoothly choose between the different roles depending on your clients’ needs ensuring effective results with your teams.

Are you ready to become an Expert in Agile Coaching? Download your copy of our free e-book today.


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