How to Harness the Power of Agile Coaching to Build Highly Productive Remote Teams

We are in unprecedented and incredibly challenging times. Where the health and safety of our loved ones is paramount, yet life has this habit of marching on. With so many of us now working from home away from our teams and clients how do we continue to help them navigate the challenges they face?

As agile practitioners we know how to inspect and adapt but what can we do to ensure our teams continue on the path to high-performance within a remote setting?

Here at AWA we have been exploring how we can continue to enable our clients and customers to keep up team performance while avoiding the virus. Together with our globally distributed team we have leveraged the agile mindset to pivot our way through these difficult times by creating online interactive training for all of our courses including our hugely popular and transformative Agile Coaching course.

Whether you are an Agile Coach, Scum Master, Product Owner, Delivery Manager, Project/Program Manager or Consultant this online course is for you. We cover the broad spectrum of teaching, mentoring, problem solving, and show you how to navigate between these different stances depending on the needs from your remote teams and clients in these uncertain times.

Here’s why people are joining our online Agile Team Coach course and you should too:

  • We show you how to bring the best out of your teams remotely using quickly effective and engaging remote collaboration tools that allow you to think and collaborate visually anytime, anywhere.
  • Help your clients realise their objectives that may be just outside of their reach, even in the face of uncertainty.
  • Continue with continuous professional development as an aspiring Agile Coach, Manager or Agile Consultant and harness the power of Agile Coaching to build highly productive remote teams.
  • Now more than ever your teams need proper agile coaching to help them navigate the increasingly complex landscape intensified by covid-19.
  • Leave our training with hands on capabilities thanks to the highly interactive, ‘do it now’ training format.
  • Then… reinforce what you have learned at our regular online coaching clinic post-class!

Even online, our courses are highly immersive and interactive using our unique do it now format with our highly experienced and professional coach trainers. Because we have 1000s of hours of experience, passion for relentless improvement using the latest adult learning techniques we make learning STICK!

We also run public and private online training for the following courses:

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