How to inspire high-performing agile teams

How to inspire high-performing agile teams

Are you a Scrum Master, Coach or Manager who wants to grow and inspire high-performing agile teams? Apply now for the Spring 2024 cohort of AWA’s Certified Advanced Agile Team Coach Cohort (ICE-AC) program. This is an intensive, yet supportive 7-month journey to master advanced agile coaching competencies and become an advanced agile team coach.

This life-changing program goes far beyond conventional training. Through deep skill-building, continuous practice and rich peer feedback loops, you’ll gain true mastery across four critical coaching areas:

  1. Enabling Teams
  2. Facilitating Collaboration
  3. Mentoring Growth
  4. Training for Impact

Graduates of the ICE-AC program earn the prestigious ICAgile Expert certification and join a tight-knit community of elite coaches, equipped with highly sought-after capabilities in coaching, facilitation and mentoring.

“ICE-AC is an incredibly intense program and that’s precisely why it’s such a great boost to develop your agile coaching skills.

There is not one moment where one can sit down, relax and just cruise along. From the very first lesson you are asked to challenge your belief, research new ways, practice what you’ve been shown in class.

The constant feedback from peers and course guides is extremely valuable but for me, the big differentiator has been being “forced” to watch myself as I operate in the various stances and decompose my performance as if I was an external observer. Truly revealing.”

Francesco Bianchi, ICE-AC Graduate, Coach & Trainer

New learning format

The program has a new and improved, intensive and unique blended learning format, which includes the following:

  • Skill drills, quizzes & group workshops
  • Real-world quests to apply with your teams
  • Support from expert coaches and peers

Take your coaching to the next level. Be recognised for your expertise.

This is an advanced program, with the following prerequisites. However, there is still time to gain the ICP-ACC and/or ATF before the next cohort starts if you need to. What’s more, if you’re buying multiple trainings at the same time, you can bundle and save with a training pass (contact us for more details or to request a bespoke training pass).

Program Prerequisites:

Meet your dream team

The Spring 2024 ICE-AC cohort will be run by a trio of experienced coach trainers. Internationally acclaimed, with a rare talent for ‘dad jokes’, these three are able to not only inspire and grow you as a coach but also to put you at ease.

Rafa Ribeiro
david lowe agile team coach course trainer
David Lowe
francesco bianchi
Francesco Bianchi

Apply now to join the next cohort

Now, are you ready for a challenge? Apply for the Spring 2024 Advanced Agile Team Coach cohort. Sharpen your coaching skills through hands-on practice and feedback. Learn new facilitation and mentoring techniques to inspire high-performing teams. Tailor your approach to each team’s unique needs and dynamics.

Apply Today!

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