How to make your working life better in 2024

Do you regularly find yourself suffering from Sunday night blues before you go back to work on Monday morning? Unfortunately, this is very common, but it shouldn’t be!
We believe that everyone has the right to not only enjoy, but also be able to bring their whole selves to work. Of course, changing roles or the organisation that you work for is one option that might make your working life better, but that’s not always possible. You might even find the same feeling of dread at your new workplace. Besides, wouldn’t it be better to improve working life for everyone where you work? You could be the catalyst that your organisation needs in order to change for the better.

How to make your working life better next year (and help others too)

Enhance your communication skills

Feeling disconnected from colleagues makes working life difficult for everyone. By contrast, a workplace where people have good communication skills will foster collaboration, trust and safety. In a culture like this, people enjoy working with each other to solve problems and agree on outcomes. A great way to change this is by taking part in our Agile Team Facilitator course, where you will discover how to foster a feeling of safety so that everyone feels heard and how to lead collaborative conversations.

Another way to improve your communication skills might be to try a different way of communicating. Our Visual Thinking course requires absolutely no artistic skill and will enable you to create beautiful visual recordings or agendas that help make your meetings more engaging and accessible to all, especially those who are neurodiverse.

Find balance

A healthy work-life balance can be difficult to achieve and will mean something different for each of us. If everyone at your place of work is constantly stressed and regularly works long hours, this may have become normalised. However, it’s crucial to take care of your health and well-being in order to avoid burnout. By maintaining your own boundaries and setting an example, you can inspire others to change too. Together you can change your workplace culture to one where people come first. Of course, you work hard to achieve agreed outcomes together, but you also value time with family and friends. You look after your health first. You sleep properly and eat well. You make time to exercise and enjoy your hobbies.

Consider whether you have a good balance right now and if not, what changes might you make in order to improve this? You might request home, hybrid or flexible working. You might ask a colleague to be your ‘gym buddy’, encouraging and motivating each other to take a break and exercise regularly. Or you might decide to find balance by using our free printable drastically different to-do list, which will help you to focus on home, health, friends and family as well as work.

how to make your working life better

Learn together

Teams that learn together grow together. By upskilling together as a team, you will all benefit. Our in-house, private training can be tailored to your company, improving communication and decision-making. This enables your department to have a positive impact across your entire organisation, accelerating your change programme and avoiding time-consuming and costly anti-patterns along the way.

Team training improves collaboration, builds positive relationships between colleagues and promotes a workplace culture where it is okay to be vulnerable and to ask questions. A culture that embraces change.

So, are you inspired to make your working life better in 2024? Will you be the change agent empowering your team to become not only more successful but also happier this year?


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