How to pre-order your copy of Change.

Change. our founder and CEO Simon Powers’ new book, is a practitioners guide for enterprise coaching and provides change agents with a people-first perspective on organisational agility. You can pre-order your copy of the book from Amazon.

Simon shares his pioneering and unique approach to people-led organisational change, as well as innovative models and tools. By combining Systems Thinking, Systems Coaching, and a deep experience of how people face change, Simon offers a way to move forward with little or no resistance and without the usual arguments over frameworks and approaches.

Simon looks at 600 years of history, puts today’s problems in context, and offers relevant and actionable steps to emerging solutions that empower and include everyone in creating thriving work cultures that everyone would be proud to work in.

This book is for you if you want your organisation to thrive in the face of change but don’t know how. If you’re an enterprise or team coach, scrum master, leader, or department head who’s tired of fighting for change and looking for a collaborative and meaningful approach to creating better organisations, pre-order your copy now in time for the August 31st release date.


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