AWA to Offer First Ever ICAgile Certified Training in Portugal

We’re excited to announce that we will run ICAgile Certified Agile Training in Portugal starting this September. The first class will be our 3 day Agile Team Coach course. Attendees at the class, which will take place in Lisbon, will be the first in Portugal to earn the  ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) designation, one of the most sought after certifications from ICAgile’s comprehensive learning track.

What is the Certification?

ICAgile is a certification and accreditation body who helps training organizations create learning programs that cultivate an agile mindset and enable sustainable organizational agility. ICAgile offers a competency-based expert certification program, which is unique in the industry. Their Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) certification, which was first launched five years ago in response to an overwhelming need to provide clarity around this profession and discipline, has subsequently raised the bar for the agile coaching profession.

We also design and deliver ICAgile Certified Agile Fundamentals (ICP) and Enterprise Agile Coaching (ICP-EAC) training, which will run in Lisbon following our first class in September.

Why Portugal?

Portugal has a strong, growing agile community with a range of conferences and organisations practicing agile ways of working, including Adidas, Microsoft and Sky. For the last few months we have be working with our local partner to find the best way to share our training with the agile community in Lisbon.

Lisbon has been increasingly establishing itself as the place to be for the digital world over the last 10 years. Since then, the tech scene has exploded, with the world’s leading tech conference Web Summit relocating to the capital city in 2016, along with the opening of digital hubs by global orgs such as Google, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. Lisbon’s drive to build a vibrant and creative centre is underpinned by the idea that people can access a high quality lifestyle – sun, sea, surf and access the world’s leading organisations and fast growing startups.

Agile Coaching is not only about agile. Although we already have a growing list of courses, certifications and accredited institutions that promote agility in Portugal, it will be awesome to have the first ICAgile certified course, focused on theory, practice, tools, and tips on how to coach, mentor, teach and facilitate agile individuals and teams. – Rafael Ribeiro- Agile Coach

Demand for Agile Coaching

The demand for agile practitioners and those with coaching experience is in strong demand. When coaching within agile environments is done right it can be a powerful and effective enabler for organisations to be successful with agile ways of working.  Often, the behaviours we experience and sometimes exhibit at work aren’t in alignment with our own goals and the goals of the organisation. This is what makes achieving agility so hard. The role of professional coaching is to help individuals and teams increase transparency of their internal and external blockers, which are stopping them from being successful in achieving these goals. Our course explores the variety of ways that a coach needs to engage based on the needs of the situation. Including teaching, coaching, facilitation, problem solving and working with conflict and collaboration.

“A really great course that has given me confidence to give people the space (silence) to  work out how to reach goals” – A. Soddart, Delivery Manager

If you are working with agile teams and are wanting to learn how to help them be successful and to reach their goals, then come and join us on our first class in Portugal this September.


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