Improve Organizational Agility by Uncovering Hidden Truths

We’re excited to welcome you to our next meetup in NYC. This month we will be joined by Ben Williams, Leor Herzfelf and Alanna Finn. They will be sharing a brief introduction to Integral Theory, and how it can apply to Agile ways of working. We hope you can join us for what will be an interesting and interactive evening.


How many times have you felt that you’re making progress towards a goal at work, such as an Agile transformation or enablement, only to see those advances unwind when you or another champion is no longer dedicating their full energy towards that goal? How many times have you seen that happen in your personal life? How can we tell the difference between apparent progress and sustainable change?

In times before the discovery of germ theory, the cause of diseases – dis (without) ease (comfort) – were unknown, and there were ideas that ranged from the obscure to the absurd in an effort to return health to the patient. We look back at those failed theories and attempts with a mixture of amusement and contempt. Sound familiar? If one is to look at the landscape of available approaches to the Agile Transformation Journey a similar pattern starts to emerge with the new flavor of the year moving to the head of the class only to be largely left behind some years later.

Why is this the case? We can clearly conclude that in the medical example above, when you are treating symptoms rather than the root cause, you’re not going to get very far. The first step to identifying the root cause is to SEE what you previously could not. Integral Theory, when applied correctly can give us the power that microscopes gave our forebears.

Leor, Alanna, and Ben will give you a brief introduction to Integral Theory, and how it can apply to Agile. They will lead an interactive exercise to demonstrate how the current map of agility tools might only be covering half of the organizational terrain.


  • An introduction to the Integral Theory and how it can apply to Agile (and life)
  • A tangible revelation of blind spots that exist both organizationally and within ourselves
  • A mapping of the common challenges facing individuals and organizations on their Agile journey – the impact of those blind spots
  • The ability to use some of these objective tools to prompt insight in areas that we might not systematically consider.
  • How we can use our new insights to build an individual, team, or organizational change backlog.


Registration is free – confirm your space here
When: 24th April 2019 – from 6pm
Where: Barclays, 745, Seventh Avenue

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