Increasing the Impact of the Certified LeSS Practitioner Course


In 2015, we (me and Craig) started offering the Certified LeSS Practitioner course. This course is based on the LeSS book, our previous scaling courses, and our scaling experiences. Our goal is to provide a high-quality experience-based thorough scaling course. It assumes that the participants have basic Scrum knowledge.

The focus of the course is on the scaling problems and the organizational dynamics that people will encounter. We don’t only want to do the CLP course ourselves, but instead set-up a network of trainers who can give this high quality training. The Certified LeSS Trainer must train from their own scaling and LeSS experience. We’ve been very happy with the results so far, the network of trainers is rapidly growing and I love working together with them. I’m extremely excited about it all.

All Certified LeSS trainers must create their own CLP course. We want this because we want them to train from their own experience rather than a meaningless repetition of theory. However, all trainers share their material so they can learn and copy from each other.

When constructing my own CLP course, I wanted it to be as much as possible related to the company and products of the participants. I started to use the scenarios and products from the participants as subject for the exercises. This is hard as I don’t know the products, but it makes the training a lot more relevant.

The previous two courses have been especially interesting. In the first course, there were very diverse participations from lots of companies and industries. A lot of them were agile coaches. The course was great, but the exercises were really hard as the participants often didn’t have enough knowledge about their products and companies to use tools use as feature team adoption maps. The next course, there were two groups of 5 from two different companies. The discussions in their table groups were extremely relevant for their LeSS adoption. It was almost like they started their LeSS adoption during the course. They got a lot more value from the course, and I expect the course to have a lot more impact in their companies.

Because of this, I’ll be experimenting with different course pricing to encourage companies to send larger groups. With that, I hope to increase the impact of the course.

See next dates for Craig Larman’s  Certified LeSS Practitioner course here.

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