Innovation and Leadership Mastery

An innovation and leadership hub for change agents

Are you ready to make a real difference in the world?

A “deliberately developmental” online program for change agents and leaders to partner with and learn from peers and colleagues whereby they stretch their thinking, the way they work, and create innovative solutions to complex situations.

Together with a global community of leaders and coaches, we go deep into themes such as ethics, organisational design, facilitation, and so much more. As a result, you will be part of a community of like-minded people who will help you shape your raw ideas into long-read articles, compelling presentations, and innovative models that you can use to accelerate your career and change the face of change itself.

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Illustrated by Gemma Honour during the ethics module on this program

Program agenda

Each month we explore different topics through live deep dive sessions to push the boundaries of what we know. Out of these sessions we forge the new direction for our careers, our organisations, and our industry.

Example topics include:

  • People and Problems – Who are you helping, and how will you reach them?
  • Thought Leadership – What is it? How can you leverage your leadership to make a difference?
  • Innovation – Master the art of creating new ideas, combine models, spot patterns and present ideas
  • Curiosity – Change the way you see the world and the world changes for you.
  • Building a network – Build relationships, developing yourself and build a community
  • Marketing – Grow your marketing capability and promote ideas successfully
  • Speaking – Develop your public speaking confidence and create a presentation worthy of the conference circuit
  • Advanced basics – Challenge and develop the core assumptions of organisational change
  • Ethics – How can we leverage ethics patterns to have better relationships, leadership and reduced risk?
  • Patterns for organisational change – Develop the patterns created by other thought leaders
  • Large scale facilitation – Develop and grow facilitation techniques like liberating structures
  • Agile and world dynamics – Explore how agility can change the wider world

Learning outcomes

By the end of this program, you will have the skills and tools to be innovative, to be valued as a leader, and solid, lifelong relationships with members.

  • Show how to stay on the cutting edge, remain relevant, and make the next big breakthroughs that challenge the status quo
  • Make a difference in your organisation by leading change with confidence
  • Be known for your change-making and impact creation and receive the recognition you deserve
  • Know how to continually learn something new and get better at it
  • Present your ideas, models, and innovative thought leadership content in a conference-ready presentation
  • Build confidence in your ability to lead with authenticity and get recognised for your thought leadership
  • Up your game, raise your profile, share your expertise and elevate your business
  • Develop your own models or methodology and be ‘known’ for it

Upcoming dates

Dates Times Price Host Location
Please enquire for upcoming dates 13:00 – 17:00 BST £400 Simon Powers Online Contact us

Packages available. All prices ex VAT

What you will receive

  • Actionable frameworks, tangible tools, tactics to support your continuous growth and impact
  • Access up to a vibrant supportive community, live workshops, discussion, collaboration and growth
  • Access a huge amount of additional content and resources as well as videos of all previous workshops
  • Private Slack Community to network and build connection and get support throughout the program

Program format

  • Dive deep into topics with your cohort, have discussions in small groups, review presentations, and get support on your challenges
  • Get rich feedback from your cohort to improve your presentation and guest communication skills as well as your innovation and creativity
  • Complete application homework to apply the concepts directly to your work and your presentation


This program is intentionally unaccredited and informal. If you need a certificate of completion, badge, or official course credits, let us know and we can provide you with one.

Your program leader


Simon Powers

Simon has over 20 years’ experience helping very large organisations thrive in the market and to be a better place to work. He works with the board of directors or senior managers to transform the way that they see themselves, each other, and their organisations. The results are better organisational design, better processes, more engaged staff, and an organisation that is customer-focused and more successful.

He has been using Agile and Lean for the last 14 years, initially within IT, but in the last 5 years across the entire organisation. Simon is also an authorised trainer for ICAgile and a member of the ICAgile Expert – Enterprise Agile Coaching certification committee and is one of the first people in the world to hold the ICAgile Expert in Enterprise Coaching certificate.

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