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Finding your purpose and relentlessly pursuing it, is the only goal

The journey of personal and organisational evolution is really finding the WHY, the purpose and aligning around this with everything you have got.

Alignment around the Purpose (the WHY)

Leadership The move towards empowerment and servant-leadership is happening and a key part of the evolutionary journey.

Adaptability is key to survival.

The ability to make localised decisions significantly enhances your chance of survival both in real terms and against market forces.

Challenge, Mastery and Speed

All are required to master modern day problems in time for market. Anything is possible.

Commitment and Teamwork

Individual performance is irrelevant and destructive. Align around purpose. Succeed and fail as a team.

Changing education in the same way we are changing commercial organisations

Devolving power, removing command and control and re-organising education.

Courage and Leadership

Having the courage to start and to join in. See the Lean Startup book for ideas on how this might work.

Cognitive Bias

Thank you to Sharon Bowman for sharing this video!

Alignment of purpose and inspiration

Thank you to Sharon Bowman for sharing this video!