Interesting Technical Debt Meetup

Join us for an engaging and informative workshop on technical debt. We will be facilitating interactive exercises which will equip you (and your teams) to identify the biggest causes of technical debt and how to leverage technical debt. We will be sharing how to motivate teams to address their technical debt.


  • Attendees will be able to describe what technical debt is.
  • What’s the biggest causes of technical debt.
  • The difference between Good and Bad technical debt.
  • How to motivate a team to address their technical debt.

What is technical debt?

Technical debt similar to financial debt. If you don’t control your debt, the repayments grow and prevent you from taking opportunities. Sometimes debt is unavoidable but if it’s managed correctly you can use it to your advantage.

When: 20th March

Where: Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

Evening Agenda

18:00 – Arrivals & Networking
18:45 – Workshop
20:15 – Networking & Pizza
20:45 – Departure

About the facilitators:

Kevin Burke:

Kevin started out his career as a Software Developer before becoming a Scrum Master. This ignited his passion for motivating people and unlocking their potential.

Over the years, Kevin has worked as an Agile Coach for various financial organisations, with a focus on large-scale organisational transformation. This includes delivering training courses and workshops, creating change initiatives and partnering with leadership to accelerate the adoption.

Back in Ireland, Kevin is a regular speaker at the Agile tour events and always looking at ways to bring Agile to new industries.

Josh D’jelal:

Josh brings passion, charisma, and energy to the organisations and teams he has the pleasure to work with. As a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, he has served across a range of industries including retail and finance – coaching and mentoring teams in using frameworks & techniques to support the conditions for Purpose, Trust, and Mastery. He has an eagerness to continually learn, and give, with the commitment to individuals and teams to get the most out of themselves.

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