Introducing Bryter Work

We’re incredibly excited to share that we’ve now launched Bryter Work!

What is Bryter Work?

Bryter Work is a coaching-focused consultancy, that builds an organisation’s confidence and capability both in making change and how to measure that change. Bryter Work does this by creating inclusive cultures where innovation and high performance thrive through value-driven, highly-targeted workshop-based solutions.

A Bryte Idea…

Bryter Work was created out of AWA Global, co-founded with Gemma Honour and continues our mission of ‘Making working life better’.

We recognised that since the pandemic there have been enormous cultural shifts for companies, meaning that staff are harder to retain and keep engaged, our relationship with the physical office is changing, and market conditions mean that we have a need for agility in both business and leadership.

In addition to this, we felt that we were well placed to help take a coaching approach to these problems, to help build businesses that are better to work within and have the vision, strategy and leadership to succeed in changing markets.

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We believe that developing people is the most effective approach to build an organisation’s capability to innovate, grow, and adapt. Bryter Work helps organisations to take a systems view when creating solutions, a coaching approach to develop people, and visual techniques to help teams reflect, learn and grow.

But what does Bryter mean?

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Bryter is a Norwegian word, meaning both switch and wrestler. The word implies not only change and the challenges of making change happen, but also a kind of realisation or mindset shift.
A lightbulb moment.
Which, of course, is what we’re all about.

What are the Bryter values?

And the name Bryter Work ties perfectly into our values…

  • We’re bright!
    Experienced, expert and switched on as well as warm and engaging, we bring all the tools and techniques to make collaborating and discovering new ways of working fun!
  • Shining a light in the fog of confusion
    If individuals or teams are feeling lost about where they are, or where they’re trying to get to next, we use coaching, team workshops and visual thinking techniques to help them map their territory or create vision and purpose.
  • We help people switch!
    Bryter means ‘switch’ in Norwegian.  We chose it because we know that behaviour change is hard, particularly for teams who have been through previous transformational change or reorgs.  Our change approach and pattern make change manageable, inclusive and satisfying!
  • We’re brave!  Bryter also means ‘wrestler’ in Norwegian! And that’s cool too.  We love a complex challenge, and will get into the ring with our clients to take on their biggest and hairiest problems!

Want to find out more?

Head over to the brand new website to read more about the Bryter work solutions, and approach or grab your free copy of the Change Explainer poster from the freebies page

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