Introducing… Certified LeSS Basics

Since the launch of Certified LeSS Training back in early 2015, Adventures with Agile have organised Certified LeSS trainings all over the world. Today we are pleased to announce that we will now offer the new Certified LeSS Basics one day course in London with our highly-experienced Certified LeSS Trainers, Ben Maynard and Dinesh Sharma who both have many years of deep experience in a wide range of sectors advising and coaching on LeSS adoptions.


Although LeSS is described as for scaling, LeSS is not about ‘enabling’ an existing big and clumsy organisation to “do agile” by painting agile labels on top.  A key purpose of LeSS — the implication of its name — is actually descaling through organisational simplification. Descaling the number of roles, organisational structures, dependencies, architectural complexity, management positions, sites, and the number of people. LeSS is about scaling up the simple Scrum framework itself to achieve organisational descaling.

Unlike some other scaling frameworks, LeSS does not define a one-size-fits-all detailed recipe, and like Scrum, is based on recognising that development is too complex and situational for a prescriptive detailed recipe that a group can just “buy and install.” Rather, it will require creating a learning organisation, and lots of situational adaptation.

There are no fancy titles, no trains, no layers of management, but when you simplify and descale, you ought to be able to achieve more impact and flexibility with LeSS.


This introductory one-day course offers you the opportunity to gain foundational knowledge of LeSS before embarking on the 3 day Certified LeSS Practitioner.

We feel that this is an excellent option for people and companies who are exploring how lean & agile development works with many teams working together on one product. What’s more The Certified LeSS Basics course is for anyone who is involved in the transformation and wants to get a taste for what LeSS is like.

You will learn:

  • how LeSS is a Scrum-based approach to scaling
  • summarise what impact this has on the organisational design (structures, policies, etc.)
  • the dynamics of component teams vs. feature teams
  • all LeSS roles and their purposes

plus lots more

you will also be able to:

  • engage and learn about LeSS at a deeper level when attending the three day Certified LeSS Practitioner
  • better determine whether LeSS is right for you and/or your organisation or not.


We will also offer participants the opportunity to take the class on a special Saturday session in September, which is perfect for those of us who can’t get away during the week.


If you’re curious to learn more then join us and your colleagues on one of our future Certified LeSS Basics and Certified LeSS Practitioner courses. Plus…both courses can be booked together using our special bundled rate of £1500 + VAT. Simply choose from one of your preferred dates from the list below to book your place.

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