Introducing the DevOps Way

Here at AWA, we are continually seeking out new high-quality courses that will make a difference in peoples’ working lives. We believe our latest course “The DevOps Way” will do just that and here’s why.

But first, what is DevOps?

DevOps is “a set of practices that combines Development and Operations” and enables faster development of new products and easier maintenance of existing deployment. It is therefore a natural complement to an organisation that is moving to agile ways of working. This is because at its heart DevOps is a “culture and set of processes that bring development and operations teams together…” resulting in shorter development cycles and faster innovation. 

What is the DevOps Way?

The DevOps Way (ICP-FDO) is a new ICAgile Certified Course and is relevant for anyone who has an interest in the delivery of customer value. It’s equally relevant to people who consider themselves technical or non-technical. For people looking to upskill, the course gives an in-depth overview of DevOps and practitioner insights into ways of working that are associated with high performing organisations.

For existing members of the enterprise involved in delivering value, you will gain valuable insights and accounts from some of DevOps’s more recognised thought leaders. It will challenge your perspective on DevOps and provide several different viewpoints which will help you to have a more enjoyable career and realise your full potential. Enterprise leadership will also discover a wealth of insights from practitioners in new ways of working which will increase the impact of their transformational activities.

Tell me more about the course

The course was created by Barry Chandler, founder of the conference SEACON. Having organised DevOpsDays London in 2016, Barry set up his own Enterprise Agility meetup group and conference the following year, Barry has become a leading figure in the UK’s DevOps community. Aside from training, Barry spends his time advising global enterprises on an approach to DevOps and continual transformation, focusing on Purpose, Value and Outcomes.

Spanning a career of over 26 years, he has worked in several different industries as an independent consultant, for consultancies as well as a company employee.  For many years Barry was a hands-on application engineer which lead to capacity, stability, development and delivery management roles.  More recently Barry spent 2 years as the Chair of the Barclays Bank DevOps Community of Practise.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

The course is made up of 3 parts: 

  • The Origins and Culture of DevOps
  • DevOps Engineering
  • DevOps in the Enterprise

It is delivered via a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning including 4 hours of short videos, 100 quiz questions and 11 thought-provoking exercises. This is an ICAgile Certified course for the Foundations of DevOps certification. The aim of the ICP-FDO certification is to provide an overview of core concepts for DevOps and includes: 

  • Discover the origins of DevOps, 
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the benefits of DevOps
  • Demonstrate the more technical aspects of DevOps which align with the way many high-performance organisations work
  • Learn about the relationship that DevOps has with Continuous Delivery and Agile practices.

You will also come away from this course with an understanding of how to apply DevOps in the Enterprise. We explore a variety of enterprise-related disciplines which helps everyone maximise productivity and play their part in an organisation’s success. 

“We are very excited to offer this DevOps training course! We are broadening our range of courses to cover different aspects of agility and are proud to have Barry Chandler onboard to teach this important subject.” – Simon Powers – AWA CEO

If you wish to gain comprehensive knowledge about DevOps, how it helps you, and the enterprises you are part of, succeed at scale then join our forthcoming course this May.

Find more details and to book your place here.

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