It’s Not About the Game… It’s About Learning

Learn about our next Meetup with #play14 coming 15th May!

Playing games and using dynamic exercises has become common with Agile, much to our benefit as they empower learning through experience. When we follow with a debrief, we help our participants explore their experiences to generate greater depth and insight.

Unfortunately, debriefing is a skill rarely focused on or taught. It is often neglected resulting in a practice that is fairly lacklustre or worse, to essentially telling the participants “this is what you should have learned”, all but destroying the value of the experience in the first place.

All is not lost! #play14 are here to help. Being a community that is oriented around experiential learning, #play14 felt the need to improve our ability to debrief so they designed a tool and some practices to achieve exactly that.

At this Meetup we’d like to share the result with you: The Debriefing Cube.

Sign-up for this free event on our Meetup page. Just follow this link.

Agenda for the evening:

● 18:30 – Arrival & pizza
● 19:00 – Debriefing Cube experiential learning
● 20:00ish – Networking
● 20:45 – Departure

About the facilitators

#play14 is a community of people who are passionate about using games professionally. We all come from different backgrounds, from Agile to the Arts but we all have one thing in common – a love of games as a means to educate, enlighten and coach. An event like #play14 allows us to meet several times a year in cities across the world to share games, knowledge and network and the best part is that we take all these learnings back home and re-use within our own teams / organisations.

Chris Caswell

A proactive, principle-centred evangelist of the Agile philosophy, Chris is passionate about driving continuous improvement and collaboration to improve Agile ways of working. Chris uses a combination of personal coaching, workshops, training and games to help solve problems across organisations, within teams and with individuals.

Robyn Backhouse

Ever the child at heart Robyn would spend her whole life playing games if she could. As an agile coach she loves finding new ways to help teams learn cool stuff and to bond into a single unit all thinking with a shared mind. The heart of any organisation is the people who work there, and Robyn spends all her time trying to encourage people to shine and to become the very best they can be.

Use this link to go to our Meetup page and sign-up for free. See you on 15th May!

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