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Today’s leaders are frequently finding themselves needing to navigate significant upheavals – think mergers, acquisitions, reorganisations, and the like. Yet, all too often, they’re navigating these waters without the necessary support to develop the skills essential for leading high-performing teams. It’s a gap that goes beyond the conventional focus on leadership skills and goals, diving deep into self-mastery, emotional awareness, and the “inner” growth required to transition from being an expert to becoming a transformational leader.

Many leaders today are struggling, not because they lack expertise, but because they aren’t equipped to handle the increasing complexity they face. Resulting in burnout, overwhelm, a lack of direction or vision and disengaged teams.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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How AWA Leadership Development Programs set your leaders up for success

Transformational leaders stand apart. They possess the unique ability to view situations from multiple perspectives and to synthesise these viewpoints. This skill is pivotal for leaders aiming to steer their teams through the complexities of change. It fosters a more refined way of thinking, enabling them to inspire others and drive meaningful transformation.

By confronting the discomfort of real business challenges—challenges that have direct, tangible impacts on daily outcomes—leaders can push the boundaries of their capabilities, evolving from experts to truly transformational figures.

At AWA Global, we understand these challenges intimately and have worked with many organisations to develop leaders ready to lead change and grow others with renewed confidence and enthusiasm.

We partner with Senior Leadership Teams to cultivate the capabilities they need not just to grow, but to thrive. Our focus is on empowering leaders to drive change and seamlessly navigate their teams through any challenge they might face. In partnership we transform the way leadership is developed, ensuring your leaders are not just prepared for today’s challenges but are also shaping the future.

Tailored support through a practical, applicable and measurable approach

  • Leadership Assessments:
    Pinpointing areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, as well as recognising unique leadership approaches for customised development strategies.
  • Tailored Leadership Development Plans:
    Personalised development blueprints that cater specifically to the unique needs, strengths, and aspirations of leaders, aiming for transformative progress and excellence.
  • Interactive Workshops:
    Preparing the groundwork for rapid advancement by focusing on the necessary skills, methods, and tasks that will be incorporated and utilised during the program.
  • Customised Clinics & Masterclasses:
    Exploring particular challenges, methods, and competencies in depth to understand the demands placed on leaders capable of embracing diverse viewpoints and synthesising them.
  • Individual and Team Coaching:
    Enhancing and intensifying the learning experience through coaching sessions designed to break through barriers, foster self-discovery, and reinforce both interpersonal relationships and team cohesion.

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