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Next Event: June 2024
Date & time TBC

Leadership Lives June 2024 online event

When is the next event?

Date: June 2024 (date & time TBC)
Speakers: Anita Phagura & Siu Mun Li

Join us for an insightful and thought-provoking discussion between two trailblazing voices in the construction industry.

In this powerful dialogue, Anita Phagura and Siu Mun Li (Most Influential Woman in Construction 2023 and Director at Temporary Works Forum at Multiplex) will share their experiences as women leaders from the global majority navigating the challenges and biases within a traditionally white, male-dominated industry.

June’s Speakers

Anita Phagura

Inclusion In Construction

Anita helps senior project leaders to build inclusive teams so that they retain & engage ethnically diverse women, build innovation and communication capabilities and deliver towards DEI pledges of race and gender inequities

Siu Mun Li

Siu is Director at Temporary Works Forum | IOSH Construction Group Committee Member. She has been named the Most Influential Woman in Construction 2023.

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About this series:

AWA Global and Bryter Work host a series of free online events called Leadership Lives. This series speaks to our mission of making working life better. Each event (or Live) will focus on a different aspect of Leadership.

Leadership Lives – Making a Difference

Here are some of the topics that you can expect from this series.

  • Leading Yourself – With a personal authenticity with Mina Boström Nakicenovic (watch the recording)
  • The power of communication and storytelling in leading change with Ash Roots (watch the recording)
  • Embracing the Future: AI and change in the workplace with Ling Li and Greg Gigon (watch the recording)
  • Overcoming Change Fatigue
  • Navigating staff retention: challenges in the current climate
  • Unleashing talent: Finding and developing change agents
  • Bridging the strategy execution gap
  • Connecting problems to outcomes: Organising for value-driven work
  • So you’re a first-time leader. Now what?

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What can you expect?

  • Experienced leaders share their thoughts, stories and real-life learnings
  • Thought-provoking panel discussions with senior leaders
  • Ask questions and share your thoughts through the event chat and polls
  • Challenge assumptions and gain new perspectives
  • Some events will include live visual recording!
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