Leading Epic

As the person responsible for getting the results that Agile promises
I want some help making Agile work in my organisation
So that I have the best chance of delivering success

This epic on the Adventures with Agile backlog is about leading organisations through large scale change.

Our recommended approach is to have an Agile adoption team (or organisational change team) that manages a backlog of items that the organisation needs to work through in order to bring about the change in an iterative and adaptive way that fits to your organisation and culture.

We help with this process by meeting the acceptance criteria.

Find Qualified Coaches

Coaches are key in making a transition as smooth as possible. Different coaches bring different skills to the team. Some bring more theoretical ideas and problem solving, some practical knowledge to get things done, some have team level knowledge and some larger scale organisational experience.

Finding the right coaches is key to making an Agile transformation successful.

Please email consultancy@adventureswithagile.com for details on how we can help.

Getting a balance of coaches and the right coaches for the right problem is critical to success.

Get Help With Oranisational Change

The community has a wide range of experts with a wealth of knowledge. You can post questions and expect answers on our LinkedIn group message board.

We have also set up several private discussion groups using Google groups and invited relevant community experts on specific topics allowing a closed private discussion about issues with people who can really help. Please ask for details.

Or you can email consultancy@adventureswithagile.com for help.

Take Training

Training is the key to start off a transformation on the best footing.

In addition to the public training courses listed on our site, we can also arrange for private training at your workplace. This often works out much more cost effective than public training.

Please email consultancy@adventureswithagile.com for advice.

Run Clinics To Solve Specific Problems

Sometimes the problem you have is well defined, but you lack the skills, knowledge or experience to fix it. The AWA clinics are designed to solve this type of problem.

The following clinics have been successful in achieving a solution to the defined problem.

  • Starting sprinting
  • Training and Coaching
  • Product Ownership engagement
  • Continuous testing and deployment
  • Business Case identification and creation
  • Unlocking Value / portfolio management
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Product Development and Ideas Generation
  • Identifying the epics, features and stories and help in writing them
  • Alignment, coordination and dependencies across many teams
  • Testing and Quality, Code Review, Refactor, Quality/Swarming/Pairing
  • Tooling help
  • Shortening the feedback cycle
  • General Problem Solving

For more information please email consultancy@adventureswithagile.com.

Good Leadership


Our view on leadership in organisations parallels Simon Sinek’s vision. His vision is captured in his Ted talk.
You can also view the Agile leadership presentation by the founder of AWA, Simon Powers on infoQ.