For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.
Learning by Doing

Practical, Applicable & Measurable

When you learn with us, you will experience highly interactive, hands-on training approach that encourages learn by doing. You will be able to practice all the new tools and techniques that you’ve learned during the training right away. That’s because we prioritise learning how to use skills over lengthy lectures and theory.

Every AWA course, workshop and training program is interactive, engaging, inspiring and memorable. You will be supported by expert trainers using techniques proven by neuroscience to make your training as brain-friendly as possible. Their focus is in service of you as the learner.

Enhanced Learning Transfer

Partnering with AWA provides you with access to The Capability Cube, our pioneering three-dimensional learning toolkit. This innovative approach fosters self-mastery (the vertical dimension) essential for effectively utilising practical skills (the horizontal dimension), all of which are deeply integrated through thorough application and learning (the depth dimension).

Whether you choose to immerse yourself in a supportive cohort program or engage with AWA Consultancy, your teams will acquire and embed the skills essential for confidently achieving the capabilities critical to your organisation’s success, both now and in the future.

Three-dimensional learning embeds proficiency at all levels:

  • Confidence & Expertise
  • Continuous Learning & Realising Value
  • Self-Sustaining Skills
Any learning I want to go on, I want to be able to apply it straight away. That’s how I like to learn and how I like to create the environment for other people as well.
Alan Jennings, AWA Trainer

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