Learn the Latest Neuroscience Insights with Amy Brann

The world of coaching is competitive. Todays organisations want coaches who deliver results. Neuroscience helps coaches understand people better because it equips you with cutting edge info that helps deliver greater value to their clients. The Neuroscience for Coaches Workshop we are running next month will teach you the latest neuroscience insights that will enable you to increase the ROI that you deliver to your clients and differentiate yourself in a highly competitive market.

If you want to learn a tool for your coaching practice in a way hardly anyone is yet doing and get game changing results then definitely attend next month’s workshop.

Early bird registration for the Neuroscience for Coaches Workshop ends this Friday. To register your place on this workshop on the 6th – 7th November follow this link

“Amy Brann blends the latest research in neuroscience with a solid understanding of coaching contexts whilst regularly posing, and answering, the question: “What can I do with a client now having understood this?” (David James, former L&D Director EMEA for Disney)

We hope to see you there!

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